Bubak Wins Lucas Oil ASCS Western Kansas Showdown Opener At WaKeeney Speedway

Bryan Hulbert – WAKEENEY, Kan. (July 2, 2022) Getting the lead on Lap 4 and never looking back, Colorado's Jake Bubak wheeled the Ochs/MAP No. 1b into Victory Lane Saturday night with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network at WaKeeney Speedway.

Opening the Western Kansas Showdown, the prelim night win was worth $3,000 and marked the second time Bubak has topped the National Tour, with his first coming at West Texas Raceway on June 9, 2017. Jake remains the only driver from Colorado to top the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network.

"It's really cool to get the win here. Especially for the car owners being from this area, plus I grew up racing around here when I started in Sprint Cars with URSS, so this is special. Getting another win with the National Tour is a big deal for us. It's been a long time," stated Bubak of the win.

Racing past Brandon Anderson on Lap 4, the No 55b struggled to hold position as Anderson fought against a failing power steering system. Brandon's night would end on Lap 9 with power steering fluid starting to pour out.

Chased by Blake Hahn on the ensuing restart, two attempts after the cone was struck by Jeff Stasa saw Hahn peek a nose under the No. 1b for the lead but could not get the speed to overtake. Quickly through traffic before another slowdown, each restart saw Bubak able to fend off the No. 52.

Finding traffic on the final lap would not change anything as Bubak found the line with 1.207-seconds to spare.

Asked about the restarts and being challenged at one point by Hahn, Jake said, "I was actually worried because the car wasn't taking off very well, so I just had to block the entry as much as I could, hope I didn't see a nose, and just make good laps from there."

Blake Hahn held on for second after a last restart change from Jason Martin. Getting third on a Lap 15 restart, Martin has been on the podium in his last three outings. Matt Covington ended up fourth, with Garet Williamson moving from 11th to complete the top five.

Tim Crawley crossed sixth, with Zach Blurton chasing from ninth. Jeremy Campbell, eighth, was pursued by Wayne Johnson, who had to advance from 16th following an engine change after his Heat Race. Kyler Johnson completed the top ten.

The field of 26 settled into three SCE Gaskets Heat Races. Wins went to Jeremy Huish, Tim Crawley, and Jake Bubak. Blake Hahn established the track record at 14.700-seconds. A BMRS B-Feature was not contested.

The Western Kansas Showdown continues Sunday, July 3, at WaKeeney Speedway, with a $5,000 check awaiting the winner. Gates open at 5:00 P.M., with racing at 8:00 P.M. (CDT). Hobby Stocks, Cruisers, and Compacts are also on the card. Tickets are $20 for adults, $15 for seniors, $10 for youth (11-14), and free for kids 10 and under. WaKeeney Speedway is located at 100 N 13th St. in WaKeeney, Kan. Information on the track can be found at https://www.wakeeneyspeedway.net or by calling Terry Mattox at (918) 417-0624.

The 2022 season will mark the 31st year of competition for the American Sprint Car Series. Spearheaded by the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network, the ASCS Nation includes Regional Tours that encompass both wing and non-wing competition.

For fans not able to attend, the series can be seen live on two platforms, with RaceOnTexas.com on FloRacing.com featuring National Tour events in tandem. Both are subscription-based sites. FloRacing.com is $20 per month, billed annually at $150 per year. RaceOnTexas.com All Access is $39.99 per month.

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Race Results:

Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour
WaKeeney Speedway (WaKenney, Kan.)
Saturday, July 2, 2022

Car Count: 26

The Driver's Project Group Qualifying

The Drivers Project Qualifying 1 (3 Laps): 1. 95-Matt Covington, 14.806[2]; 2. 2C-Wayne Johnson, 15.055[1]; 3. 1-Nick Haygood, 15.175[3]; 4. 88J-Jeremy Huish, 15.189[7]; 5. 6-Kaden Taylor, 15.283[4]; 6. 2-Dylan Opdahl, 15.364[6]; 7. 91-Jeff Stasa, 15.486[5]; 8. 77B-Michael Bingham, 15.486[9]; 9. (DNS) 7C-Chris Morgan, 15.486

The Drivers Project Qualifying 2 (3 Laps): 1. 52-Blake Hahn, 14.700[4]; 2. 24-Garet Williamson, 14.800[3]; 3. 1X-Tim Crawley, 15.016[6]; 4. 10C-Jeremy Campbell, 15.108[2]; 5. 10-Landon Britt, 15.108[8]; 6. 17B-Ryan Bickett, 15.174[5]; 7. 2B-Brett Becker, 15.180[1]; 8. 10K-Jordan Knight, 15.477[9]; 9. 10X-Lincoln Drewis, 15.771[7]

The Drivers Project Qualifying 3 (3 Laps): 1. 2J-Zach Blurton, 14.799[6]; 2. 36-Jason Martin, 14.819[8]; 3. 55B-Brandon Anderson, 14.877[7]; 4. 1B-Jake Bubak, 14.895[3]; 5. 187-Landon Crawley, 14.941[2]; 6. 45X-Kyler Johnson, 14.960[1]; 7. 47-Brant O'Banion, 15.186[4]; 8. 10P-Dylan Postier, 15.477[5]

SCE Gaskets Heat Races (Everyone advancing to the A-Feature)

SCE Gaskets Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 88J-Jeremy Huish[1]; 2. 95-Matt Covington[4]; 3. 1-Nick Haygood[2]; 4. 2C-Wayne Johnson[3]; 5. 6-Kaden Taylor[5]; 6. 91-Jeff Stasa[7]; 7. 2-Dylan Opdahl[6]; 8. 77B-Michael Bingham[8]; 9. 7C-Chris Morgan[9]

SCE Gaskets Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 1X-Tim Crawley[2]; 2. 10C-Jeremy Campbell[1]; 3. 52-Blake Hahn[4]; 4. 24-Garet Williamson[3]; 5. 10-Landon Britt[5]; 6. 2B-Brett Becker[7]; 7. 17B-Ryan Bickett[6]; 8. 10X-Lincoln Drewis[9]; 9. 10K-Jordan Knight[8]

SCE Gaskets Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 1B-Jake Bubak[1]; 2. 55B-Brandon Anderson[2]; 3. 36-Jason Martin[3]; 4. 2J-Zach Blurton[4]; 5. 45X-Kyler Johnson[6]; 6. 187-Landon Crawley[5]; 7. 47-Brant O'Banion [7]; 8. 10P-Dylan Postier[8]


A-Main (25 Laps): 1. 1B-Jake Bubak[3]; 2. 52-Blake Hahn[4]; 3. 36-Jason Martin[7]; 4. 95-Matt Covington[6]; 5. 24-Garet Williamson[11]; 6. 1X-Tim Crawley[5]; 7. 2J-Zach Blurton[9]; 8. 10C-Jeremy Campbell[8]; 9. 2C-Wayne Johnson[16]; 10. 45X-Kyler Johnson[12]; 11. 187-Landon Crawley[18]; 12. 10-Landon Britt[13]; 13. 47-Brant O'Banion[19]; 14. 1-Nick Haygood[10]; 15. 17B-Ryan Bickett[20]; 16. 91-Jeff Stasa[17]; 17. 2B-Brett Becker[15]; 18. 2-Dylan Opdahl[21]; 19. 88J-Jeremy Huish[2]; 20. 10P-Dylan Postier[23]; 21. 7C-Chris Morgan[26]; 22. 10X-Lincoln Drewis[22]; 23. 55B-Brandon Anderson[1]; 24. 10K-Jordan Knight[24]; 25. 77B-Michael Bingham[25]; 26. 6-Kaden Taylor[14]

Lap Leader(s): Brandon Anderson 1-3; Jake Bubak 4-25
Hard Charger: Landon Crawley +7
Quick Time: Blake Hahn 14.700-seconds
High Point Driver: Matt Covington
Provisional(s): N/A