Stormy Scott Collects First-Career CCSDS Win in Bad Boy 98 Finale
Oklahoma and Kansas Tripleheader Awaits Series on May 30 – June 1

LOCUST GROVE, Ark. (05/11/24) – Stormy Scott recorded his first-career COMP Cams Super Dirt Series (CCSDS) Super Late Model triumph on Saturday night. The New Mexico racer’s inaugural trip to Edelbrock Victory Lane was worth $12,000 during the Bad Boy 98 finale at Batesville Motor Speedway (Locust Grove, Ark.).

For the second-straight night Missouri’s Scott Crigler looked to have the inside line on the victory but was unable to seal the deal. Crigler led the first 48 circuits but slid high in turn one on a lap 49 allowing the fourth-starting, Scott to take the lead and ultimately the win.

"I knew I could get going good on the (restarts), but I'd have to kind of brake over there for (leader Scott Crigler)," Scott said I Victory Lane. "I just knew that if I could ever get out in front in clean air, (that) I wasn't having to drive my race car that hard. I kind of was using him as pace. I honestly knew if I could get out there that I had a good shot at (winning). Just because this thing was so easy to drive and so good. On that (lap-48) restart, it fired like crazy and I went into one and it stuck and we led the rest of the way and got the win."

From the Pole Position Scott Crigler maintained the top spot until surrendering it on the lap 49 restart. Scott was able to pounce to grab the lead and went on to top fifth-starting Spencer Hughes by 0.386 seconds to clinch the $12,000 payday with his self-designed Category 5 Race Car.

Payton Freeman, Ashton Winger, and Scott Crigler rounded out the Top 5 at the checkered flag.

Clayton Stuckey was the MD3 Performance Bodies Hard Charger, advancing 12 positions to finish sixth.

Morgan Bagley exited the doubleheader as the Midwest Sheet Metal Marked Man with a seven-point lead over Logan Martin. Kyle Beard, Jon Mitchell, B.J. Robinson, Clayton Stuckey, Scott Crigler, Jon Kirby, Tyler Stevens, and Brandon Ball round out the latest standings with Ball atop the Midwest Sheet Metal Rookie of the Year competition.

The tour now takes two weeks off before resuming action on Thursday, May 30 – Saturday, June 1 with a tripleheader at Red Dirt Raceway (Meeker, Okla.), Humboldt (Kan.) Speedway and Caney (Kan.) Valley Speedway.

The CCSDS Super Late Model tire rule for the events is as follows:
Left Front Tire: Any Hoosier Tire (90)
Right Front Tire and Left Rear Tire: NLMT2 (90), NLMT3 (90)
Right Rear Tire: NLMT3 (92)

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COMP Cams Super Dirt Series – May 11, 2024
Batesville Motor Speedway (Locust Grove, Ark.)

A Feature 1 (68 Laps): 1. 2S-Stormy Scott[4]; 2. 19M-Spencer Hughes[5]; 3. 1F-Payton Freeman[3]; 4. 12W-Ashton Winger[7]; 5. 12-Scott Crigler[1]; 6. 15-Clayton Stuckey[18]; 7. 14M-Morgan Bagley[15]; 8. 90R-Brian Rickman[11]; 9. 5M-Jon Mitchell[6]; 10. 36-Logan Martin[12]; 11. 86B-Kyle Beard[13]; 12. 29-Rodney Sanders[17]; 13. 1-BJ Robinson[10]; 14. 88-Chance Mann[22]; 15. 78-Henry Gustavas[14]; 16. 14-Trey Mills[9]; 17. 11-Jon Kirby[16]; 18. F1-Brett Frazier[19]; 19. 2-Charlie Cole[20]; 20. 17-Jarret Stuckey[23]; 21. 5-Austin Vincent[21]; 22. 2T-Tyler Stevens[2]; 23. (DQ) 21-Billy Moyer Sr[8]

Mississippi Police Supply B Feature 1 (10 Laps): 1. 29-Rodney Sanders[1]; 2. F1-Brett Frazier[4]; 3. 9-Shane Hebert[2]; 4. 1C-Curtis Cook[3]; 5. 91-Chris Jones[7]; 6. 20TC-Tristan Chamberlain[5]; 7. 17-Jarret Stuckey[6]; 8. 47P-Chandler Petty[8]; 9. 88-Chance Mann[9]; 10. (DNS) 1S-Brandon Smith; 11. (DNS) 32P-Preston Farmer; 12. (DNS) 997-Travis Ashley

Rocket Chassis B Feature 2 (10 Laps): 1. 15-Clayton Stuckey[3]; 2. 2-Charlie Cole[2]; 3. 5-Austin Vincent[4]; 4. 19C-Colby Moore[5]; 5. 24-Jake Elam[6]; 6. USA1A-Devon Andrews[9]; 7. 48-Mike Myers[7]; 8. F15-Peyton Foster[8]; 9. 33-Steven Crocker[1]; 10. 15W-Brian Woodard[11]; 11. B17-Brandon Ball[10]

Entries: 39
Mark Martin Automotive Group A & Overall Fast Qualifier (and overall): Scott Crigler (14.215 sec.)
Mark Martin Automotive Group B Fast Qualifier: Tyler Stevens (14.316 sec.(
Tommy Surrett Trucking Heat Race #1 Winner: Scott Crigler
Dixon Road U-Pull-It Heat Race #2 Winner: Payton Freeman
MI Truck Center Heat Race #3 Winner: Tyler Steens
PW Sales Heat Race #4 Winner: Stormy Scott
Lap Leaders: Scott Crigler (1-48), Stormy Scott (49-68) Pole Sitter: Scott Crigler
MD3 Five Star Bodies Hard Charger: Clayton Stuckey (18th to 6th)
Deatherage Opticians Lucky 13: B.J. Robinson
Series Provisionals: Brandon Ball, Austin Vincent, Chance Mann, Jarret Stuckey
COMP Cams Top Performer: Stormy Scott
Midwest Sheet Metal Marked Man: Morgan Bagley
Midwest Sheet Metal Rookie: Austin Vincent