LEWISBURG, TN – Brandon Williams of Crossville, TN won a thrilling 50-lap Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series race on Saturday night at Duck River Raceway Park driving the Jeff Woods Construction Capital Race Car. Williams outduelled Christian Hanger of Winchester, TN after the two battled for the lead lap after lap.

              If one were to read the stats sheet, it would look like a boring race with Williams and Hanger starting and finishing first and second respectively, and exchanging the lead on two different occasions. Those that saw the race in person would tell a different story of what they saw.

              The lead changes recorded were only at the start finish line between Williams and Hanger. In between around Duck River Raceway Park the lead changed hands so many times, it was almost impossible to keep count. It was a race that will go down in history as one of the most exciting races in the 15-year history of the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series.

              Williams took a one second margin of victory over Hanger at the checkered flag, which was one of the biggest leads he had in the race, and that came after a green, white, checkered restart. Williams said he drove just about every lap of the race like it was the last one.

              “I knew I was the leader, and I knew Hanger was right beside me in second, but since there was no scoreboard to look at, I had no idea what lap we were on,” Williams said. “I just drove as hard as I could, and I kept waiting to see the white flag. This is our fourth race this season with the series, and I felt like we’ve had a winning car each time. After a second and two third-place finishes, it feels good to get a win.”

              Hanger hung on to finish second in the Hanger Racing CVR, and Wil Herrington of Hawkinsville, GA came from the 15th starting spot to finish third in the Middle Georgia Roofing CVR. Herrington was also the Cruise With The Champions Rookie of the Race.

            Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series point leader Jake Knowles of Rome, GA was fourth in the Knowles Race Parts and Bodies Special. Cruz Skinner of Oxford, AL took the fifth spot in the Skinner’s Body Shop Special, and T.J. Brittain of Centre, AL finished sixth in the Brittain Hauling Warrior, coming back from a cut tire early in the race.
            Oakley Johns of Hohenwald, TN started 24th and brought the Stewart Farms Special home for a seventh-place finish to earn the Knowles Race Parts and Bodies Hard Charger of the Race Award and the Fullmoon Graphics “Lucky 7” Award. Chase Walls of Decherd, TN drove the Live Pure CVR to an eighth-place finish.
            Ashley Newman of Ripley, TN finished ninth in the Scott Davis Farms Special, and Jadon Frame of Decherd, TN rounded out the top ten in the Frame Racing Rocket. Grant Garrison of Walton, KY driving the Darrell Lanigan Racing Special was the first car out of the race and took home the Keyser Manufacturing Hard Luck Award.
            In preliminary action, Williams was the Boyd Bilt Fabricators Fast Qualifier with a lap around Duck River Raceway Park in 12.883 seconds to out-time the 31-car field. The two 12-lap KRC Power Steering B-Main Races were won by Garrison and Frame.
            Williams and Hanger began their battle at the drop of the green flag, with Williams starting on the pole and Hanger on the outside of the front row. Williams led the first lap with Hanger on his right hip followed by Skinner, Jeremy Holtzclaw of Sparta, TN in the Holtzclaw Racing Rocket, and Jordan Hedger of Crittenden, KY in the Got-A-Go Rentals and Septic Services Special.
              Coming down to complete lap one, Williams came off turn four on the inside with Hanger on the outside. Hanger then made a hard left to dive under Williams. Hanger took the lead going into turn one. Williams then crossed over, and dove under Hanger to take the lead going down the backstretch.

              Hanger wound up his momentum on the outside, and coming off turn four made another hard left, and dove under Williams to retake the lead. The two leading cars would repeat these moves for the first five laps of the race. The moves Hanger pulled off earned him the VP Racing Lubricants Slick Move of the Race Award.

              The first of five caution flags came out on lap six when Brittain cut down a left-rear tire and came to a stop on the front straightaway. The field lined up for a Dixie-Style Double-File Restart with Hanger in front and Williams, Skinner, Holtzclaw, Hedger, Knowles, Matt Cooper of McKenzie, TN, Frame, Tyler Wood of Hohenwald, TN in the Johns Farms Special and Logan Brown of White Bluff, TN in the Gray Oaks Racing Special doubled up behind him.

              Three-wide racing broke out at the drop of the green flag for the third spot, as Hedger, Cooper, and Knowles moved up to take command of the third, fourth and fifth spots respectively, dropping Skinner back to the sixth spot. Cooper put his Cooper Trucking Special on the top shelf, riding the cushion by Hedger and into the third spot on lap eight.

              Cooper then caught Hanger and Williams, who were still racing side-by-side exchanging the lead, to make it a three-car dance for the point. Cooper kept looking for an opening on the outside to get a run on Hanger and Williams to make it a three-wide battle for the lead. Williams nosed ahead of Hanger on lap 18 to take the lead at the start-finish line, but their battle was not done.

            Cooper ran out of racing room on the high side, as the fourth turn wall struck the right front of Cooper’s car. The caution flag came out on lap 23 when Cooper’s car climbed the fourth turn wall. Cooper was O.K., but his exciting run was done for the night. The crash also took out Wood, who had to retire for the evening.
            Hanger chose the outside from the second spot for the restart, as Knowles, Hedger, Frame, Holtzclaw, Skinner, Walls, Herrington, and Newman doubled up with Hanger in third through tenth respectively behind Williams for the restart. The field continued to race two and three-wide throughout the field after the restart for seven more laps until a multi-car pile-up in turn one slowed the action.
            That brought caution out on lap 30 for the big melee that took out Holder and Holtzclaw. The top ten for the restart was Williams, Hanger, Knowles, Skinner, Herrington, Frame, Walls, Newman, Johns, and Brown.
            As the race wore on, Hanger’s hangout, the cushion at the top of the track, wore out. Williams began to pull away and the bottom of the track became the place to be. Herrington got by Skinner for fourth on lap 32, and a then got by Knowles for third. Williams was able to work through lapped traffic and keep lapped cars between himself and Hanger.
            Just when it looked like William would cruise home for the win and see that white flag he had been looking for, the white gave way to the yellow flag on lap 48 when Justin Maxwell of Spring Hill, TN stalled the Dixon Plumbing Warrior in turn one. The comfortable lead Williams enjoyed with the lapped cars between himself and Hanger was gone.
            Before the field could wheel and deal to the finish, the caution flag came back out for the fifth and final time when Randy Gifford of Fayetteville, TN stalled the Parker Valley Farms Special on the front straight-away. Williams lined up for the green, white, checkered restart with Hanger, Herrington, Knowles, Skinner, Brittain, Johns, Walls, Newman, and Frame doubled up behind him.
            Williams pulled away on the restart, came back around and finally saw the white flag. The leader hit his marks on the final lap and took the checkered flag to take the $2,500 win followed by Hanger, Herrington, Knowles and Skinner.
            The next two races for the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series will be on Friday night, September 20 with a $2,000-to-win $200-to-start 40-lap event at Tennessee National Raceway in Hohenwald, TN, and on Saturday night, September 21 at Camden Speedway in Camden, TN with a $2,500-to-win $250-to-start 50-lap race.

            For more information and rules about the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series, visit the series web site at www.durrencelayneracing.com, or visit the series on Facebook at Durrence Layne Racing. You can follow us on Twitter @DurrenceLayneRacing.


POS      STRT   CAR #  DRIVER                            HOMETOWN                  LAPS    $ WON
1.           1            95          Brandon Williams          Crossville, TN                  50          $2,500
2.           2            29          Christian Hanger            Winchester, TN               50          $1,250
3.           15          14          Wil Herrington (R)        Hawkinsville, GA            50          $850
4.           6            66          Jake Knowles                  Rome, GA                         50          $700
5.           3            11          Cruz Skinner (R)            Oxford, AL                       50          $650
6.           11          05          T.J. Brittain                     Centre, AL                        50          $550
7.           24          C66       Oakley Johns                   Hohenwald, TN                50          $500
8.           18          25          Chase Walls                     Decherd, TN                     50          $450
9.           16          73          Ashley Newman               Ripley, TN                        50          $400
10.         10          J8          Jadon Frame (R)             Decherd, TN                     50          $375
11.         22          4            Dustin Harris                   Flintville, TN                    50          $350
12.         23          19          Marcus Minga                 Shannon, MS                    50          $300
13.         19          H17      Steven Holcomb                             Santa Fe, TN                    49          $280
14.         13          21m      Cody Martin                    Christiana, TN                 49          $260
15.         4            B10       Logan Brown                   White Bluff, TN               49          $250
16.         20          94g       Randy Gifford                 Fayetteville, TN                             48          $250
17.         17          28          Justin Maxwell                Spring Hill, TN                47          $250
18.         21          22h       Chad Harrah                   Primm Springs, TN         44          $250
19.         7            94          Jordan Hedger                Crittenden, KY                29          $250
20.         5            979       Jeremy Holtzclaw          Sparta, TN                        29          $250
21.         8            18          Matt Cooper                    McKenzie, TN                  22          $250
22.         14          17jr      Tyler Wood                      Hohenwald, TN                22          $250
23.         12          87          Jake Rainey (R-YG)      Hiram, GA                        10          $250
24.         9            1            Grant Garrison               Walton, KY                      5            $250

BOYD BILT FAST QUALIFIER: Williams, 12.883 Seconds
PROVISIONALS: Minga and O. Johns
LAP LEADERS: Williams, 1; Hanger, 2-17; Williams, 18-50
LAPS LED: Williams, 34; Hanger, 16
KNOWLES RACE PARTS HARD CHARGER: Johns (started 24th and finished 7th)
MARGIN OF VICTORY: 1.006 Seconds
TIME OF THE RACE: 35 Minutes and 16.891 Seconds
NEXT EVENT: September 20, Tennessee National Raceway, Hohenwald, TN, $2,000-to-win, 40-laps