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Hanks Scores First Podium of the Season With ASCS Red River Region

Inside Line Promotions - LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (July 11, 2017) - Brandon Hanks is coming off his most consistent performance of the season by earning his first podium finish and a pair of top fives last weekend.

"We were consistent the whole weekend," he said. "It's hard to complain about a third and fourth."

The competition began last Friday at Wichita Speedway in Iowa Park, Texas, where Hanks won his ASCS Red River Region heat race after starting on the pole. That garnered enough points to lock into the feature redraw, in which he pulled the No. 4 to start the main event fourth.

"I got a good start, but John Carney II got a better start," he said. "He went by to take the lead. I was trying to get by Fred (Mattox) and Andrew Deal got by both of us. I was able to get by Fred. I worked on Andrew and then he'd get away and close in on John. They'd battle for the lead and I'd catch up. Then the track took rubber and there wasn't much opportunity after that."

Hanks held on for a season-best third-place finish.

The team was slated to compete on Saturday at Superbowl Speedway in Greenville, Texas, but weather washed the event out. Hanks decided to tackle I-30 Speedway on his way home.

"Saturday was a little tougher," he said. "It got rained out where we were supposed to go. We actually had to call the track and get them to draw for us. We didn't get to hot lap. We were thrown out there and hoped we didn't miss it in the heat race. We started on the pole and fell back to third, but got one car. Then we got lucky and the leader had problems so we got by him."

Hanks won his heat race for the second straight night. He lined up fourth in the main event.

"The track was super hooked up and as fast as I can remember I-30 being in a while," he said. "If you weren't careful you'd hook a rut in the wrong place. We were too tight in the feature. It was hurting me. I couldn't get through the center of the corner like I needed. We did run third most of the race. I got real tight after a restart and lost my momentum. The guy behind me was able to take advantage."

Hanks recorded a fourth-place result, which was his third top five of the season.

"We've been consistent and getting better and better and slowly working our way toward hopefully getting that win," he said. "We were right there all weekend long. It just didn't play out for us."


July 7 - Wichita Speedway in Iowa Park, Texas - Heat race: 1 (1); Feature: 3 (4).

July 8 - I-30 Speedway in Little Rock, Ark. - Heat race: 1 (1); Feature: 4 (4).


18 races, 0 wins, 3 top fives, 7 top 10s, 8 top 15s, 12 top 20s







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"My family owns Performance Powder Coating," Hanks said. "Without this business and my family I wouldn't be able to race sprint cars and I wouldn't know all of the great friends that I have met through racing."

Hanks would also like to thank D&B Farms, Penske Racing Shocks, Acme Graphix, Hinchman Racewear, ButlerBuilt Professional Seat Systems, J-R1 and MyRacePass for their continued support.

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Hagar Tops Two Second-Place Finishes by Tying the Knot

Inside Line Promotions - MERIDIAN, Miss. (July 11, 2017) - Derek Hagar topped a pair of runner-up results last weekend by getting married on Monday.

"It's been a great last few days and I'm really happy," he said.

The competition began last Friday at Columbus Speedway in Columbus, Miss., where Hagar won the USCS Series dash before charging from sixth to second place in a heat race. That lined him up on the inside of the second row for the main event.

"We passed for the lead Friday night and a caution came out, which put us back," he said. "Once you do that it gets the leader up on the wheel. We made more runs at him, but lapped traffic didn't play in our favor. He'd get messed up in traffic and I'd get a run on him, then I'd get messed up in traffic."

Hagar ended with a second-place finish, which was his eighth podium of the season.

The weekend wrapped up on Saturday at Whynot Motorsports Park, where Hagar finished fourth in the dash before he won a heat race. The feature inversion lined him up on the outside of the front row for the main event.

"We were right there contending for the win," he said. "Me and Jordon Mallett were blasting the cushion, cutting through traffic. I'd make some runs at him and he'd drive around me. Before we knew it we were lapping the fourth-place driver. Both of our cars were on point."

Hagar said he took the lead briefly once in the race.

"I took the lead going into turn three, but I left just enough room for him to drive around me," he said. "We were in a thick pack of lapped cars and they were all over the race track. I threw a slider on him and two lapped cars, but I didn't want to do anything stupid so I left him room."

Hagar placed second for the second straight night and the fifth time this season.

"It'd have been a lot better to get the wins, but whenever you see one of your (DHR Suspension) customers go out there and put on a show with you it makes it a good night," he said.

Hagar will return to action this Saturday at Crowley's Ridge Raceway in Paragould, Ark.


July 7 - Columbus Speedway in Columbus, Miss. - Dash: 1 (1); Heat race: 2 (6); Feature: 2 (3).

July 8 - Whynot Motorsports Park in Meridian, Miss. - Dash: 4 (6); Heat race: 1 (2); Feature: 2 (2).


20 races, 4 wins, 14 top fives, 15 top 10s, 16 top 15s, 17 top 20s


Saturday at Crowley's Ridge Raceway in Paragould, Ark.




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"Fragola Performance Systems are all in all a good fitting and line manufacturer," Hagar said. "They make really good lightweight hose. I prefer them over anybody else as far as a good pressure hose."

Hagar would also like to thank Dynotech Performance, DHR Suspension, B&D Towing, J&J Auto Racing, Xtreme Race Graphics, ButlerBuilt Professional Seat Systems, Weld Wheels, Hinchman Racewear, Wix Filters, Wings Unlimited, FK Rod Ends, Valvoline and Ti64 for their continued support.