Pierce McCarter and Wayne James Capture 11th Annual Hangover Victories at 411 Motor Speedway

By Michael Despain

SEYMOUR, TENNESSEE (January 2, 2021)– The 11th edition of the Hangover would take place at 411 Motor Speedway in Seymour, TN on Saturday and CT Promotions would sanction the Super Late Model and Open Wheel Modified portions of the program and Pierce McCarter of Gatlinburg, TN would claim the $5,000 Super Late Model victory and Wayne James of Newport, TN would score the $1,200 payday for winning the Open Wheel Modified feature.  

McCarter would pilot the MasterSbilt Race Cars House Car entry powered by a Jay Dickens Race Engine and the 28 year old racer’s entry would carry sponsorship from Beeman Lumber, Seubert Calf Ranches, FTS Incorporated, and Hankook Tire to the Super Late Model win.   

The 48 year old James would score would claim his win in the Open Wheel Modified division aboard his Lightning Chassis, Spider Race Engines powered mount sponsored by Summit Electric, Steve’s Heating and Air, Cajun VooDoo Barbeque West Haven Speed Equipment, Outlaw Graphics, and Dave’s Roofing. 

Cory Hedgecock would take the lead as the Super Late Model feature took the green flag, with Clay Coghlan in second, only to see Dustin Linville and Pierce McCarter slip by him and shuffle him back to fourth on lap two, while Tyler Millwood ran fifth.  The front five remained the same until Coghlan slowed on the track on lap five to draw the first caution flag of the race.  The restart would see Linville slip past McCarter for second, while Jimmy Sharpe, Jr. would take third, shuffling McCarter back to fourth, with Levi Ashby now fifth, only to see caution wave again for a slowed Larry Barber, Jr. in turn one.  The restart would see Hedgecock maintain the lead, while Drake Troutman would slip into the fourth spot.  Three more cautions would wave, with the last of those being for debris in turn four and Dustin Linville’s mount would roll to a stop in turn one.  This restart would see McCarter edge under Hedgecock in turn two and take the race lead, with Troutman coming along into second, with Hedgecock, Millwood, and Jaden Frame third through fifth.  Hedgecock’s night would come to an end when he slowed in turn two on lap twenty to draw the sixth caution of the race and he would be pushed back to the pit area.  McCarter would maintain the lead on the restart, with Christian Hanger between cars to take third behind second-place Troutman on lap twenty-two and Colton Profitt would work his way into third and Tommy Bailey would go to fourth on lap twenty-four.  Millwood and Frame would slow on the frontchute to draw the next caution on lap twenty-six, with both drivers done for the night.  This restart would see the top five be McCarter, Profitt, Hanger, Bailey, and Troutman, with Hanger taking second on lap twenty-eight.  Hanger would mount a charge and track down McCarter and pressure him for the lead until caution waved for a slowed Steve Stollings on lap thirty-seven.  McCarter and Hanger would pull away a bit on the restart, with Bailey taking third from Troutman on lap thirty-eight.  Hanger would challenge McCarter for the lead until he got out of shape in turn two on lap forty-one, giving McCarter some breathing room for the time being.  However, Hanger would mount one last assault on McCarter would could not get close enough to make a move for the lead, with McCarter taking the checkered flag first, followed by Hanger, Bailey, Troutman, and Sharpe, Jr.  

Drake Troutman would take command of the Open Wheel Modified feature at the start of the race after Lee Merritt would slow on the opening lap to draw a caution flag.  Trailing Troutman at this point in the early going of the race would be Michael Asberry, Wayne James, Trent Young, and Lucas Lee.  After a lap three caution, Troutman would hold the lead, with James taking second from Asberry, with James pressuring Troutman for the lead with James taking the top spot on lap nine after a restart for an accident by Austin Francis in turn three.  Troutman would draw the fifth caution of the race when he slowed after losing a driveshaft on lap ten and Michael Asberry would draw the final caution of the race one circuit later after the restart when he slowed on the backchute.  James would work the top side of the track of the track to perfection the remainder of the way in the event and would lap second-place Lee Merritt as the field saw the white flag.  James would conclude a dominating performance in the final laps of the event taking the win, with Merritt, Brandon Hutchinson, Todd Beeler, and Zac Harris completing the top five.   

Official Summary of Results 
Feature Results for CT Promotions Super Late Models at 411 Motor Speedway in Seymour, TN on January 2, 2021 
1. Pierce McCarter-Gatlinburg, Tenn.    
2. Christian Hanger-Winchester, Tenn.  
3. Tommy Bailey-Corbin, Ky.  
4. Drake Troutman-Hyndman, Pa. 
5. Jimmy Sharpe, Jr.-Soperton, Ga.  
6. Steve Stollings-Hazard, Ky.  
7. Colton Profitt-Crossville, Tenn.  
8. Levi Ashby-Cumberland Furnace, Tenn. 
9. Tyler Millwood-Kingston, Ga. 
10. Jadon Frame-Winchester, Tenn.       
11. Daniel Richards-Lenoir City, Tenn. 
12. Cory Hedgecock-Loudon, Tenn.    
13. Dustin Linville-Bryantsville, Ky.  
14. Matt Henderson-Loudon, Tenn. 
15. Johnny Cloer-Chatsworth, Ga. 
16. Craig Greer-Cleveland, Tenn. 
17. Clint Hodges-Boone, N.C.  
18. Larry Barber, Jr.-Hopkinsville, Ky. 
19. Clay Coghlan-Dandridge, Tenn.  
20. John Minon-Adams, Tenn. 
21. D.J. Hayes-Ider, Ala. 
22. Brandon Hardgrove-Burnside, Ky. 
Time of Race: 36 minutes, 45 seconds  
Margin of Victory: 0.383 seconds 
Yellow Flags: Eight (Lap 5, 6, 9, 15, 15 restart, 20, 26, 37) 
Red Flags: None 
Lap Leaders: Cory Hedgecock 1-14, Pierce McCarter 15-50 
Entries: 28 
Time Trials Top Qualifier: Cory Hedgecock (Group A) 13.226 seconds  
Provisional Starters:  

Heat One Finish (10 laps/top 5 transfer):  Johnny Cloer, Jadon Frame, Colton Profitt, Brandon Hardgrove, Craig Greer (DNS-Stephen Segars, Joe Denby, Steve Smith)  
Heat Two Finish (10 laps/top 5 transfer):  Steve Stollings, Larry Barber, Jr., Clint Hodges, Daniel Richards, D.J. Hayes, Brian Mullins (DNS-Charles Zimmerman, Riley Hickman)  

Official Summary of Results 
Feature Results for CT Promotions Open Wheel Modifieds at 411 Motor Speedway in Seymour, TN on January 2, 2021 
1. Wayne James-Newport, Tenn.     
2. Lee Merritt-Knoxville, Tenn.  
3. Brandon Hutchinson-Hi Hat, Ky. 
4. Todd Beeler-Seymour, Tenn. 
5. Zac Harris-Elkton, Ky.  
6. Ervin Vance-Beaver, Ky.   
7. Anthony Slusher-Lucasville, Oh.  
8. Michael Asberry-Crossville, Tenn. 
9. Richie Overholser-Corryton, Tenn. 
10. Drake Troutman-Hyndman, Pa.      
11. Sarah Patrick-Albany, Ky. 
12. Trent Young-Crofton, Ky. 
13. Lucas Lee-Paris, Tenn.  
14. Kelly Riggs-Buffalo, Ky. 
15. K.C. Burdette-Parkersburg, West Va. 
16. Pete Sabatino-Hopkinsville, Ky. 
17. Tyler James-Newport, Tenn.  
18. John Trowbridge-Columbus, Ind. 
19. Austin Francis-Prestonsburg, Ky. (DQ) 
DNS: Jeff Hamby-Lancing, Tenn., Eli Keck-Corryton, Tenn., Blake Naylor-Sardinia, Oh.  

Time of Race:  24 minutes, 55 seconds  
Margin of Victory: 1 Lap 
Yellow Flags: Five (Lap 1, 3, 8, 10, 11) 
Red Flags: None 
Lap Leaders:  Drake Troutman 1-8, Wayne James 9-25 
Entries: 28 
Time Trials Top Qualifier: Drake Troutman 14.828 seconds  
Provisional Starters: None 

Heat One Finish (8 laps/top 5 transfer):  Zac Harris, Brandon Hutchinson, Brad Dyer, Lee Merritt, Sarah Patrick, John Trowbridge, Adam Wright (DNS-David Lester)   

Heat Two Finish (8 laps/top 5 transfer):  Austin Francis, Tyler James, Eli Keck, Blake Naylor, Todd Beeler, Jacob Hall, Derek Radford (DNS-Richie Standridge)