Heath Hindman Scores Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Series Triumph at I-75 Raceway

By Michael Despain

SWEETWATER, TENNESSEE (June 6, 2020)– The Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series presented by would complete its weekend of east Tennessee racing action at I-75 Raceway in Sweetwater, Tenn. on Saturday evening and Heath Hindman of Signal Mountain, Tenn. would become the fourth different winner in four series events to date in 2020 as he would lead all forty laps to claim the $4,000 victory.

The win by the 40-year old driver would also be his first Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Late Model Series triumph and would come in the seat of his Andy Trucking, Play Time Amusements sponsored #91 Coulter Race Car powered by a Chris Oliver Race Engine.

The initial start of the race would not see a lap completed as James Rice and Josh Rice would tangle in turn three. The second attempted start to the event would see Heath Hindman take the race lead, with Ray Cook, David Payne, Dustin Linville, and Pearson Lee Williams giving chase. The front five would remain the same until lap seven when Williams would spin his mount in turn three. The restart would not see a lap completed as a four-car tangle on the backchute involving Jake Knowles, Michael Chilton, Victor Lee, and Josh Rice would keep the action under the yellow flag. Hindman would continue to lead on the restart, with Cook, Payne, and Linville still second through fourth, while Cory Hedgecock would now hold the fifth position. The yellow would appear again on lap seventeen when Victor Lee would slow on the frontchute with a flat right-rear tire. The front four position remained the same on the restart, while Josh Putnam would now hold the fifth position, with Hedgecock battling him for the position. The final caution of the race would wave on lap twenty-five when Williams would slow on the track. Hindman would again lead the field on the restart, with Cook, Payne, and Linville in pursuit, while Putnam and Hedgecock continued to battle for fifth. Hedgecock would finally gain the fifth position on lap thirty-six, while Cook began to close in on Hindman. However, Hindman would maintain the lead and score the victory, with Cook, Payne, Linville, and Hedgecock completing the top five. The remainder of the top ten finishers would be James Rice, Ryan King, Putnam, Bobby Giffin, and David Crabtree.

The Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series presented by next event will be Saturday June 13 at Lake Cumberland Speedway in Burnside, KY for the Finn Watson Memorial, paying $3,000 to win. The event is a non-points event for the tour. The Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series is also set to begin their season at Lake Cumberland Speedway on Saturday June 13, racing for $1,200 to win.

For more information concerning the Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series presented by, contact series promoter Chris Tilley at (606) 219-1723 or (828) 361-5981 or by visiting the tour’s website at

2020 Schaeffer’s Oil iron-Man Late Model Series Sponsors include: Schaeffer’s Oil, Brucebilt Performance,, VP Race Fuels, American Race Tires, Graphic Impressions, Wiles Driveshafts, Knowles Race Parts & Bodies, Vic Hill Racing Engines, Earnhardt Technologies, Envy Suspension, Hoosier Racing Tire, E-Z-Go, Cruise with the Champions, Swafford Signs, and Speedway Videos Production.

Official Summary of Results

Feature Results for Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series presented by at I-75 Raceway in Sweetwater, TN on June 6, 2020
1. Heath Hindman-Signal Mountain, Tenn.
2. Ray Cook-Brasstown, N.C.
3. David Payne-Murphy, N.C.
4. Dustin Linville-Bryantsville, Ky.
5. Cory Hedgecock-Loudon, Tenn.
6. James Rice-Verona, Ky.
7. Ryan King-Seymour, Tenn.
8. Josh Putnam-Florence, Ala.
9. Bobby Giffin-Maryville, Tenn.
10. David Crabtree-Maryville, Tenn.
11. Kenny Collins-Colbert, Ga.
12. Connor Meade-Clay City, Ky.
13. Jake Knowles-Rome, Ga.
14. Andy Standridge-Tellico Plains, Tenn.
15. Pearson Lee Williams-Dublin, Ga.
16. Michael Chilton-Salvisa, Ky.
17. Jerry Green-Knoxville, Tenn.
18. Matt Henderson-Loudon, Tenn.
19. Ryan Tims-Georgetown, Tenn.
20. Dakotah Knuckles-Ewing, Va.
21. Josh Rice-Verona, Ky.
22. Victor Lee-Danville, Ky.

Time of Race: 28 minutes, 21 seconds
Margin of Victory: 0.632 seconds
Yellow Flags: Five (lap 1, 7, 7 restart, 17, 25)
Red Flags: None
Lap Leaders: Heath Hindman 1-40
Entries: 31
Overall Top Qualifier: Cory Hedgecock (Group B) 12.502 seconds
Highest Finishing CT525 Engine ($100): None
Highest Finishing All Steel/SPEC Engine ($100): Jerry Green
Provisional Starters: Dakotah Knuckles, Joey Standridge

Heat One Finish (10 laps/top 4 transfer)- Dustin Linville, Pearson Lee Williams, Bobby Giffin, Michael Chilton, Dakotah Knuckles, Ryan Tims, Tim Rucker (DNS-Jadon Frame)

Heat Two Finish (10 laps/top 4 transfer)- Ray Cook, Josh Putnam, Matt Henderson, James Rice, Jerry Green, Joe Denby, Craig Greer

Heat Three Finish (10 laps/top 4 transfer)- David Payne, Cory Hedgecock, David Crabtree, Victor Lee, Josh Rice, Kyle Courtney, Tommy Kerr (DNS-Jamie Oliver)

Heat Four Finish (10 laps/top 4 transfer)- Heath Hindman, Jake Knowles, Ryan King, Kenny Collins, Connor Meade, Joey Standridge (DNS-John Ownbey, Jordan Rodabaugh)

B-Main One Finish (8 laps/top 2 transfer)- Ryan Tims, Jerry Green, Joe Denby, Dakotah Knuckles, Craig Greer, Tim Rucker (DNS-Jadon Frame)

B-Main Two Finish (8 laps/top 2 transfer)- Josh Rice, Connor Meade, Kyle Courtney, Joey Standridge (DNS-Tommy Kerr, John Ownbey, Jamie Oliver, Jordan Rodabaugh)

Current Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series Points (after 6/6/2020)
1. Ryan King-218
2. Michael Chilton-208
3. David Payne-201
4. Pearson Lee Williams-181 (RoY candidate)
5. Jake Knowles-180
6. Joey Standridge-167
7. Dustin Linville-159
8. Dakotah Knuckles-154
9. Kenny Collins-143
10. Cory Hedgecock-140

2020 Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Late Model Series Schedule/Results:
May 25-411 Motor Speedway-Seymour, TN (CORY HEDGECOCK)
May 30-Tazewell Speedway-Tazewell, TN (DAVID PAYNE)
June 5-Wartburg Speedway-Wartburg, TN (JOSH RICE)
June 6-I-75 Raceway-Sweetwater, TN (HEATH HINDMAN)
June 13-Lake Cumberland Speedway-Burnside, KY-$3,000 to win (30 laps-non points)
June 19-Ponderosa Speedway-Junction City, KY-$4,000 to win (40 laps)
July 3-Tazewell Speedway-Tazewell, TN-$5,000 to win (40 laps)
July 4-Volunteer Speedway-Bulls Gap, TN-$5,000 to win (40 laps)
August 7-Ponderosa Speedway-Junction City, KY-$4,000 to win (40 laps)
August 8-Smoky Mountain Speedway-Maryville, TN-$5,000 to win (40 laps)
August 29-Lake Cumberland Speedway-Burnside, KY-$10,022 to win (50 laps)
September 6-Tazewell Speedway-Tazewell, TN-$4,400 to win (44 laps)
October 2-Ponderosa Speedway-Junction City, KY-$4,000 to win (40 laps)
October 10-Lake Cumberland Speedway-Burnside, KY-$5,000 to win (40 laps)

November 28-411 Motor Speedway-Seymour, TN-$5,000 to win (40 laps)