Victor Lee Visits Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Fall Fest 40 Victory Lane at Lake Cumberland Speedway
By Michael Despain
BURNSIDE, KENTUCKY – September 14, 2018 – The Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series presented by would present the first half of a Kentucky doubleheader on Friday evening at Lake Cumberland Speedway in Burnside, KY and Victor Lee of Danville, KY would take the race lead on lap thirty-two and would drive to the $4,000 victory in the track’s Fall Fest 40 event.
Lee’s victory would be his first of the season with the series and also mark his first career series victory and would come aboard the James Barber owned Barber Truck Repair, Mortgage Suppliers, Carrier’s Garage, Xtreme Style Signs and Graphics sponsored #1x Swartz Race Car by Boggs powered by a Jay Dickens Race Engine.
Billy Moyer, Jr. would take the race lead at the start of the Fall Fest 40 contest, while Eddie Carrier, Jr., Derek Fisher, Jason Jameson, and Victor Lee would be in pursuit. Moyer, Jr. and Carrier, Jr. would break away a bit in the early going, with Lee challenging Jameson for the fourth position and taking the spot on lap five. Moyer, Jr. and Carrier, Jr. would begin lapping slower traffic on lap eight and Lee would work past Fisher for the third position on the same circuit. The first caution of the event would appear three laps later on lap eleven when Daniel Dial would spin entering turn three with a flat right-rear tire. The restart would see the front three of Moyer, Jr., Carrier, Jr., and Lee remain the same, while Chilton would claim the fifth position from Fisher. A caution for debris on the track in turn two would slow the pace again on lap fourteen. This restart would see Moyer, Jr. maintain the race lead, while Lee would garner the runner-up spot from Carrier, Jr., with Chilton taking the fourth position and bringing Fisher along with him into fifth. As Lee attempted to mount a charge on Moyer, Jr., the third caution of the event would fly on lap nineteen, again for debris on the track, but this time on the frontchute.
When action resumed, Moyer, Jr. would continue to hold the top first position, while Lee continued to dog him from the second position. The action would be pretty calm at this point, but business would pick up as Moyer, Jr. began working slower traffic on lap twenty-nine, allowing Lee to close right in on him, with Carrier, Jr. and Chilton also closing in and getting involved and it would become a four-way battle for the top four positions. Moyer, Jr. would slip high entering turn three and make contact with the outside retaining wall as he and Lee drag-raced down the backchute side-by-side for the lead, with Lee taking the lead exiting turn four and Chilton would take the second spot as well to complete lap thirty-two. Moyer, Jr. would bring out the final caution of the event one tour later when he slowed on the track with a flat right-rear tire from the contact with the wall on the previous lap. The final restart would Lee out front, with Chilton riding in the second position and Carrier, Jr. holding down the third spot, while Jameson would work past Fisher and take the fourth position. Chilton would begin to mount a charge on Lee for the lead on lap thirty-six, but Chilton’s efforts would come up short and Lee would stave off Chilton’s challenge and see the checkered flag first, with Chilton having to settle for runner-up honors, while Carrier, Jr. came home in third. Jameson and Fisher would complete the top five. The remainder of the top ten finishers would be eleventh place starter Josh Putnam (in his first-ever appearance at the track), Riley Hickman (also making his first-ever appearance at the track), thirteenth starting Mike Marlar, Todd Coffman, and Chris Combs.
The Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series presented by next event will be Saturday September 15 at Richmond Raceway in Richmond, KY for the 31st Annual Sunoco Race Fuels Paul “Butterball” Wooldridge Memorial, paying $10,059 to win.

Further information on the Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series presented by can be obtained by calling Promoter/Race Director Chris Tilley at (606) 219-1723 or by visiting the official website located at

Official Summary of Results
Feature Results for Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series at Lake Cumberland Speedway in Burnside, KY on September 14, 2018
1. Victor Lee-Danville, Ky.
2. Michael Chilton-Salvisa, Ky.
3. Eddie Carrier, Jr.-Salt Rock, West Va.
4. Jason Jameson-Lawrenceburg, Ind.
5. Derek Fisher-Olympia, Ky.
6. Josh Putnam-Florence, Ala.
7. Riley Hickman-Ooltewah, Tenn.
8. Mike Marlar-Winfield, Tenn.
9. Todd Coffman-Junction City, Ky.
10. Chris Combs-Isom, Ky.
11. Tyler Millwood-Kingston, Ga.
12. Tommy Bailey-Corbin, Ky.
13. Shannon Thornsberry-Martin, Ky.
14. Joey Standridge-Telico Plains, Tenn.
15. Billy Moyer, Jr.-Batesville, Ark.
16. Steve Elliott-Corbin, Ky.
17. David Webb-Nicholasville, Ky.
18. Jeff Watson-Campbellsville, Ky.
19. Cameron Marlar-Winfield, Tenn.
20. Daniel Dial-Lawrenceburg, Ky.
21. Jonathon Couch-Jackson, Ky.
22. Steve Stollings-Hazard, Ky.
Time of Race: 20 minutes, 57 seconds
Margin of Victory: 0.334 seconds
Yellow Flags: 4 (lap 11, 14, 19, 33)
Red Flags: None
Lap Leaders: Billy Moyer, Jr. 1-31, Victor Lee 32-40
Entries: 30
Overall Top Qualifier: Billy Moyer, Jr. (Group A) 12.384 seconds
Highest Finishing GM604 Crate Engine ($100): None
Provisional Starters: Steve Stollings, Jonathon Couch
Heat One Finish (10 laps/top 4 transfer)- Billy Moyer, Jr., Victor Lee, Riley Hickman, Mike Marlar, Steve Stollings, Perry Delaney, Steve Elliott, Kenny Collins
Heat Two Finish (10 laps/top 4 transfer)- Eddie Carrier, Jr., Michael Chilton, Josh Putnam, David Webb, Shannon Thornsberry, Jonathon Couch, Tim Taylor
Heat Three Finish (10 laps/top 4 transfer)- Derek Fisher, Tommy Bailey, Chris Combs, Jeff Watson, Kenny Cobble, Nic Claborn, Dalton Brown, Joey Standridge
Heat Four Finish (10 laps/top 4 transfer)- Jason Jameson, Todd Coffman, Tyler Millwood, Daniel Dial, Brent Cornette, Cameron Marlar, Terry Tomlinson
B-Main One Finish (10 laps/top 2 transfer)- Shannon Thornsberry, Steve Elliott, Jonathon Couch, Perry Delaney, Tim Taylor, Kenny Collins, Steve Stollings
B-Main Two Finish (10 laps/top 2 transfer)- Cameron Marlar, Joey Standridge, Kenny Cobble, Dalton Brown, Nic Claborn, Terry Tomlinson (DNS-Brent Cornette)