Ryan King and Cole Falloway Split Iron-Man Victories at Lake Cumberland Speedway

By Michael Despain

BURNSIDE, KENTUCKY (September 19, 2020)– The Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series presented by would conclude the Battle of the Bluegrass weekend on Saturday evening at Lake Cumberland Speedway in Burnside, KY and Ryan King of Seymour, TN would score the $5,000 payday.  The Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series would also be in action to conclude the Battle of the Bluegrass weekend and Cole Falloway of Owensboro, KY would claim his third consecutive $1,200 payday with the tour. 

King’s victory would be his first career Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Late Model Series tour win for the 29-year old driver and would come aboard a Warrior Race Car powered by a Vic Hill Race Engine and carries sponsorship form Warrior 1G Performance, Brian King Roofing, Turkey Creek Snacks, Roberts Bee Company, Mighty Muffler, and PTSD Awareness Racing.

The victory for Falloway would be his third career win with the series and would see the 17-year old fourth-generation racer take the victory in an Elite Chassis powered by a Mullins Race Engine that carries sponsorship from Perfection Lawn Care, Falloway’s Auto Sales, Rice Contracting, Don Adams Towing, Win Supply, and Sweetwater Pools and Outdoor Living.

Michael Chilton would take the lead at the start of the Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Late Model Series main event, with Scott Bloomquist and Ryan King in hot pursuit.  King would drive past Bloomquist on lap four the take the second position as Chilton would quickly begin to run down the rear of the field.  As Chilton entered turn one on lap eight, he would suffer a flat right-rear tire and draw the caution flag and pull pitside and would not return, with Chris Combs and Cameron Marlar also pulling to the work area with flat right-rear tires, with only Marlar returning to action.  King would inherit the lead at this point on the restart, with Tommy Bailey taking second from Bloomquist, with Robby Hensley and Rod Carter, Jr. fourth and fifth at this point.  Bailey’s charge would be short-lived as his machine would go up in smoke in turn four on lap nine to draw the next caution.  The restart would also come back when Travis Fultz would spin his machine in turn two.   King would maintain the lead on the restart, followed by Bloomquist, Hensley, tenth-place starter Heath Hindman, and eighth-place starter Devin Gilpin.  The front five would remain the same as King began working slower traffic on lap sixteen, allowing Bloomquist to close in a bit.  The caution would wave again on lap nineteen when Brian Smith’s machine would slow on the backchute.  This restart would see King and Bloomquist remain first and second, while Hindman would take third from Hensley, while Gilpin remained fifth.  After another caution on lap twenty-two for an emergency in the outside pit area, action would resume with the front pair still the same, while Gilpin would charge to third, Hindman would be fourth, and Parker Martin would take fifth.  As King and Bloomquist would motor away from the field, Gilpin would begin to close on Bloomquist, while Martin and Hensley trading the fifth position on laps thirty and thirty-one, with Martin keeping the position, with sixteenth-place starter Marlar having charged back through the field at this point to seventh after suffering a flat tire earlier in the event.  The lead pack would start working slower traffic again on lap thirty-two and Gilpin would close in on Bloomquist for second and on lap thirty-six, Bloomquist would draw the final caution of the event with a flat right-rear tire and would pull to the work area, change the tire, and return to action.  The restart would see King, Gilpin, Hindman, Martin, and Marlar now the top five, with Marlar taking fourth on lap thirty-six and he would claim third on lap thirty-seven.  King would maintain the lead and take the win, with Gilpin, Marlar, Hindman, and Martin completing the top five.  The remainder of the top ten would be fourteenth-place starter Jason Welshan, Bloomquist, Hensley, twenty-second place starter Jeff Watson, and nineteenth-place starter Ronnie Cole.

The Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series feature contest would see Cole Falloway take the initial race lead, trailed by Jeff Hamby, Michael Asberry, Blake Brown, and Clayton Miller.  A four-car tangle in turn four involving Billy Palmer, Brandon James, Sarah Patrick, and Tim Patrick would draw the first caution of the event.  The restart would Falloway and Hamby first and second, while Miller would take third from Asberry and Miller would get fourth from Asberry on lap four and his charge would continue as he would get by Hamby for second on lap six.  The second caution of the event flew on lap nine when Sarah Patrick would spin in turn two.  This restart would have Falloway and Miller first and second, while Brown would drive by Hamby for third, with Brian Nantz taking from Asberry.  As Falloway pulled away from the field, Nantz would take fourth from Hamby and three laps later, Brandon Kinzer would make his way into the top five after getting by Hamby.  The final caution of the race would appear on lap nineteen when Virgil Parriman’s machine would go up in smoke in turn one.  The restart would see the front five remain the same the remainder of the way, with Falloway taking the victory, followed by Miller, Brown, Nantz, and Kinzer.  The remainder of the top ten would be Hamby, Amos Bunch, Jimmy Dalton, Tim Taylor, and Asberry.
The Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series next event will be Friday October 2 at Ponderosa Speedway in Junction City, KY paying $4,000 to win.  The Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series next event will be Saturday September 26 at I-75 Raceway in Sweetwater, TN, paying $1,200 to win.        

For more information about the Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Late Model Series and the Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series, call promoter Chris Tilley at (828) 361-5981 or (606) 219-1723 or , visit the tour’s webpage at or click the CT Promotions or Iron Man Racing Series pages on Facebook.

2020 Schaeffer’s Oil Championship Late Model Series and Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series sponsors and marketing partners include: Schaeffer’s Oil, Brucebilt Performance,, VP Race Fuels, American Race Tires, Graphic Impressions, Wiles Driveshafts, Knowles Race Parts & Bodies, Vic Hill Racing Engines, Earnhardt Technologies, Envy Suspension, Hoosier Racing Tire, E-Z-GO, Cruise with the Champions, Swafford Signs, and Speedway Videos Production.

Official Summary of Results

Feature Results for Schaeffer’s Oil Championship Late Model Series at Lake Cumberland Speedway in Burnside, KY on September 19, 2020
1. Ryan King-Seymour, Tenn.
2. Devin Gilpin-Columbus, Ind. 
3. Cameron Marlar-Winfield, Tenn. 
4. Heath Hindman-Signal Mountain, Tenn.
5. Parker Martin-Milledgeville, Ga. 
6. Jason Welshan-Rockford, Tenn. 
7. Scott Bloomquist-Mooresburg, Tenn. 
8. Robby Hensley-Walton, Ky.
9. Jeff Watson-Campbellsville, Ky.
10. Ronnie Cole-Morehead, Ky.   
11. Ted Lowe-Coalfield, Tenn.
12. Joey Standridge-Tellico Plains, Tenn. 
13. Rod Carter, Jr.-Woodbine, Ky. 
14. Rob Mayea-Bend, Ore.
15. Daniel Dial-Lawrenceburg, Ky.
16. Brian Smith-Barbourville, Ky.
17. Tommy Bailey-Corbin, Ky.
18. Travis Fultz-Harrogate, Tenn.
19. Michael Chilton-Salvisa, Ky.
20. Chris Combs-Isom, Ky.
21. Eddie King, Jr.-Knoxville, Tenn.
22. Clay Coghlan-Dandridge, Tenn.

Time of Race: 33 minutes, 39 seconds
Margin of Victory: 1.140 seconds
Yellow Flags: Six (lap 8, 9, 9 restart, 19, 22, 36)
Red Flags: None
Lap Leaders: Michael Chilton 1-7, Ryan King 8-40
Entries: 24
E-Z-GO Time Trials Top Qualifier: Scott Bloomquist (Group A) 12.121 seconds   
Provisional Starters: Joey Standridge, Jeff Watson

VP Racing Fuel Makin’ Power Heat One Finish (8 laps/top four transfer):  Scott Bloomquist, Robby Hensley, Brian Smith, Rob Mayea, Clay Coghlan, Jeff Watson

VP Racing Fuel Makin’ Power Heat Two Finish (8 laps/top four transfer):  Ryan King, Chris Combs, Travis Fultz, Ted Lowe, Ronnie Cole, Jerry Gibson III

VP Racing Fuel Makin’ Power Heat Three Finish (8 laps/top four transfer):  Michael Chilton, Rod Carter, Jr., Heath Hindman, Jason Welshan, Eddie King, Jr., Joey Standridge

VP Racing Fuel Makin’ Power Heat Four Finish (8 laps/top four transfer):  Tommy Bailey, Devin Gilpin, Parker Martin, Cameron Marlar, Daniel Dial, Tom Leach

B-Main Finish (8 laps/top four transfer):  Eddie King, Jr., Clay Coghlan, Ronnie Cole, Daniel Dial, Jeff Watson, Joey Standridge, Jerry Gibson III (DNS-Tom Leach)

Official Summary of Results

Feature Results for Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series at Lake Cumberland Speedway in Burnside, KY on September 19, 2020
1. Cole Falloway-Owensboro, Ky.  
2. Clayton Miller-Elkton, Ky.
3. Blake Brown-Corbin, Ky. 
4. Brian Nantz-Corbin, Ky.
5. Brandon Kinzer-Lexington, Ky. 
6. Jeff Hamby-Lancing, Tenn.
7. Amos Bunch-Wartburg, Tenn. 
8. Jimmy Dalton-Powell, Tenn.
9. Tim Taylor-Science Hill, Ky.
10. Michael Asberry-Crossville, Tenn.   
11. Terry James-Newport, Tenn.  
12. Brandon James-Newport, Tenn. 
13. Virgil Parriman-Nancy, Ky. 
14. Wayne James-Newport, Tenn.
15. Sarah Patrick-Albany, Ky.
16. Roy Petrey-Corbin, Ky.
17. Billy Palmer-Knoxville, Tenn.
18. Tim Patrick-Albany, Ky.
19. Dakota Curry-Corbin, Ky.

Time of Race: 18 minutes, 49 seconds
Margin of Victory: 4.351 seconds
Yellow Flags: Three (lap 3, 9, 19)
Red Flags: None
Lap Leaders: Cole Falloway 1-25
Entries: 19
E-Z-GO Time Trials Top Qualifier:  Cole Falloway 13.863 seconds
Speedway Video Productions Hard Charger ($25): Terry James (started 19th-finished 11th-advanced 8 positions)   
Provisional Starters: None

VP Racing Fuel Makin’ Power Heat One Finish (8 laps/all transfer):  Amos Bunch, Virgil Parriman, Jimmy Dalton, Brandon James, Tim Patrick, Roy Petrey, Dakota Curry, Sarah Patrick (DNS-Terry James)

Current Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Late Model Series Points (after 9/19/2020)
1. Ryan King-740
2. Michael Chilton-685
3. Joey Standridge-
4. Dakotah Knuckles-488
5. Donald McIntosh-397
6. David Payne-359
7. Pearson Lee Williams-312
8. Cory Hedgecock-290
9. Jake Knowles-270
10. Camaron Marlar-253

2020 Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Late Model Series Schedule/Results:
May 25-411 Motor (TN) Speedway-CORY HEDGECOCK
May 30-Tazewell (TN) Speedway-DAVID PAYNE
June 5-Wartburg (TN) Speedway-JOSH RICE
June 6-I-75 (TN) Raceway-HEATH HINDMAN
July 3-Tazewell (TN) Speedway-JASON TRAMMELL
July 4-Volunteer (TN) Speedway-CORY HEDGECOCK
August 7-Ponderosa (TN) Speedway-JONATHAN DAVENPORT
August 8-Smoky Mountain (TN) Speedway-DALE MCDOWELL
September 6-Tazewell (TN) Speedway-DONALD MCINTOSH
September 12-Lake Cumberland (KY) Speedway-MICHAEL CHILTON
September 18-Ponderosa (KY) Speedway-MICHAEL CHILTON
September 19-Lake Cumberland (KY) Speedway-RYAN KING
October 2-Ponderosa (KY) Speedway-$4,000 to win (Fall Classic)
October 10-Lake Cumberland (KY) Speedway-$5,000 to win (Lake Cumberland Classic)
November 28-411 Motor (TN) Speedway-$5,000 to win (The Leftover)

Current Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series Points (after 9/19/2020)
1. Blake Brown-430
2. Brandon Kinzer-415
3. Jeff Hamby-366
4. Jimmy Dalton-312
5. Wayne James-284
6. Amos Bunch-269
6. Clayton Miller-269
8. Tyler James-260
9. Billy Palmer-258
10. Brandon James-256
11. Cole Falloway-240
12. Brian Nantz-173

Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series Schedule/Results:
June 20-I-75 Raceway-Sweetwater, TN-BLAKE BROWN
August 1-Volunteer Speedway-Bulls Gap, TN-CLAYTON MILLER
August 22-Wartburg Speedway-Wartburg, TN-BLAKE BROWN
September 5-Lake Cumberland Speedway-Burnside, KY-COLE FALLOWAY
September 18-Ponderosa Speedway-Junction City, KY-COLE FALLOWAY
September 19-Lake Cumberland Speedway-Burnside, KY-COLE FALLOWAY
September 26-I-75 Raceway-Sweetwater, TN-$1,200 to win
November 28-411 Motor Speedway-Seymour, TN-$1,200 to win