Cameron Marlar Masters Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Series 30th Annual Fall Classic at Ponderosa Speedway

By Michael Despain

JUNCTION CITY, KENTUCKY (October 2, 2020)– The Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series presented by would make its third visit of the season to Ponderosa Speedway on Friday evening for the track’s 30th Annual Fall Classic and Cameron Marlar of Winfield, TN would lead all forty laps of the event and score his biggest career payday by claiming the $5,000 victory.

The win by the 25-year old second generation racer would be his first career Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Late Model Series victory and would come behind the wheel of a Rocket Chassis powered by a Clements Race Engine and carries sponsorship from Marlar’s Auto Mart, Don Franklin Auto Group, and PPM Racing Products.

Cameron Marlar would take the lead at the start of the 30th Annual Fall Classic feature event, with Zack Dohm, Billy Moyer, Jr., Michael Chilton, and Jason Jameson in pursuit.  The first caution of the race would appear on lap two when Ryan King’s mount would slow on the backchute, but King would be able to continue.  The restart would see Marlar and Dohm hold first and second, while Moyer, Jr., Chilton, and Jameson would race three-wide for third, with Chilton and Jameson working by Moyer, Jr. and trading slidejobs for the spot, with Chilton taking the position on lap four.  Marlar would open up a comfortable lead, but would have to begin lapping slower traffic on lap twelve and by lap fifteen, Marlar would be in heavy traffic, allowing Dohm to close in a bit, while Chilton challenged Dohm for second.  The final caution of the race appeared on lap seventeen when Anthony Kinkade would slow on the backchute and his night would be finished.  The restart would see the front four of Marlar, Dohm, Chilton, and Moyer, Jr. remain the same, with Justin Rattliff working past Jameson for the fifth position. 

As the race reached the halfway mark, Marlar would maintain a comfortable lead, with Dohm in second, while Moyer, Jr. began to pressure Chilton for third, with ninth-place starting Mike Marlar would pressure Rattliff for fifth.  By lap twenty-five, Cameron Marlar would continue to stretch his lead a bit, while Moyer, Jr. would get alongside Chilton and take the third position on lap twenty-six, while Mike Marlar would win the battle for the fifth spot on lap twenty-seven.  Cameron Marlar would maintain a steady lead, with Dohm and Moyer, Jr. giving chase, with Mike Marlar now pressuring Chilton for the fourth position and would finally snag the spot on lap thirty-three.  Cameron Marlar would encounter some slower traffic to contend with by lap thirty-five, allowing Dohm to close in on the leader.  However, Cameron Marlar would work traffic nicely in the remaining laps to take the victory, with Dohm finishing second, and Moyer, Jr. coming home third.  Mike Marlar would finish fourth, while Rattliff would nip Chilton at the checkered flag for the fifth spot.  Chilton would wind up sixth, with the remainder of the top ten finishers being Scott James, Brandon Fouts, Jameson, and King. 

The Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series next event will be Saturday October 10 at Lake Cumberland Speedway in Burnside, KY for the track’s annual Lake Cumberland Classic, paying $5,000 to win.          

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2020 Schaeffer’s Oil Championship Late Model Series and Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series sponsors and marketing partners include: Schaeffer’s Oil, Brucebilt Performance,, VP Race Fuels, American Race Tires, Graphic Impressions, Wiles Driveshafts, Knowles Race Parts & Bodies, Vic Hill Racing Engines, Earnhardt Technologies, Envy Suspension, Hoosier Racing Tire, E-Z-GO, Cruise with the Champions, Swafford Signs, and Speedway Videos Production.

Official Summary of Results

Feature Results for Schaeffer’s Oil Championship Late Model Series at Ponderosa Speedway in Junction City, KY on October 2, 2020
1. Cameron Marlar-Winfield, Tenn.   
2. Zack Dohm-Cross Lanes, West Va. 
3. Billy Moyer, Jr.-Batesville, Ark. 
4. Mike Marlar-Winfield, Tenn.
5. Justin Rattliff-Campbellsville, Ky. 
6. Michael Chilton-Salvisa, Ky. 
7. Scott James-Lawrenceburg, Ind. 
8. Brandon Fouts-Kite, Ky.
9. Jason Jameson-Lawrenceburg, Ind.
10. Ryan King-Seymour, Tenn.    
11. Dakotah Knuckles-Ewing, Va.
12. Ronnie Cole-Morehead, Ky.   
13. Dalton Brown-Crab Orchard, Ky. 
14. Joey Standridge-Tellico Plains, Tenn.
15. Connor Meade-Clay City, Ky.
16. Drew Kennedy-Lancing, Tenn.
17. Anthony Kinkade-Zanesville, Ohio
Did Not Start-Jimmy Johnson-Pikeville, Ky.

Time of Race: N/A 
Margin of Victory: N/A
Yellow Flags: Two (lap 2, 17)
Red Flags: None
Lap Leaders: Cameron Marlar 1-40
Entries: 18
E-Z-GO Time Trials Top Qualifier: Zack Dohm (Group A) 12.721      
Provisional Starters: None

VP Racing Fuel Makin’ Power Heat One Finish (10 laps/all transfer): Zack Dohm, Jason Jameson, Michael Chilton, Justin Rattliff, Mike Marlar, Scott James, Ronnie Cole, Joey Standridge (DNS-Jimmy Johnson) 

VP Racing Fuel Makin’ Power Heat Two Finish (10 lap/all transfer): Cameron Marlar, Billy Moyer, Jr., Dakotah Knuckles, Ryan King, Brandon Fouts, Anthony Kinkade, Drew Kennedy, Dalton Brown, Connor Meade

Current Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Late Model Series Points (after 10/2/2020)
1. Ryan King-787
2. Michael Chilton-740
3. Joey Standridge-562
4. Dakotah Knuckles-533
5. Donald McIntosh-397
6. David Payne-359
7. Camaron Marlar-333
8. Pearson Lee Williams-312
9. Cory Hedgecock-290
10. Jake Knowles-270

2020 Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Late Model Series Schedule/Results:
May 25-411 Motor (TN) Speedway-CORY HEDGECOCK
May 30-Tazewell (TN) Speedway-DAVID PAYNE
June 5-Wartburg (TN) Speedway-JOSH RICE
June 6-I-75 (TN) Raceway-HEATH HINDMAN
July 3-Tazewell (TN) Speedway-JASON TRAMMELL
July 4-Volunteer (TN) Speedway-CORY HEDGECOCK
August 7-Ponderosa (TN) Speedway-JONATHAN DAVENPORT
August 8-Smoky Mountain (TN) Speedway-DALE MCDOWELL
September 6-Tazewell (TN) Speedway-DONALD MCINTOSH
September 12-Lake Cumberland (KY) Speedway-MICHAEL CHILTON
September 18-Ponderosa (KY) Speedway-MICHAEL CHILTON
September 19-Lake Cumberland (KY) Speedway-RYAN KING
October 2-Ponderosa (KY) Speedway-CAMERON MARLAR
October 10-Lake Cumberland (KY) Speedway-$5,000 to win (Lake Cumberland Classic)
November 28-411 Motor (TN) Speedway-$5,000 to win (The Leftover)