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Wheatland, MO (October 10, 2020) - Billy Moyer Jr. returned to Cedar Creek Beef Jerky victory lane on Saturday night scoring the $5,000 MLRA Fall Nationals finale victory. Moyer's path to victory didn't come easy in a race which saw a total of four lead changes during the course of the 50 lap event.

Moyer Jr. rolled from the outside front row alongside of Mason Oberkramer who was looking to back up his first career MLRA win from early September. Moyer Jr. paced the field in the opening laps with Oberkramer hanging close to the back bumper of Moyer's Capital Chassis. On the races sixteenth lap Oberkramer would surge to the point for the first time leaving Moyer Jr. searching for a way back to the front.

The races first caution waved on lap 18 for a spin involving Blonde Bomber Mitchell.   Back under green, Oberkramer would retain the advantage out in front until Moyer Jr. returned the favor and retook the lead on lap 24, although it was short lived. The lead duo would again swap the top spot on lap 25 with Oberkramer going back to the point.

Excitement filled lap 27 as Moyer Jr., for the final time seized control of the race, just prior to the events second caution, which waved for Friday night's winner Ryan Gustin who can to a stop on the front stretch.

With the green back in the air for the final 23 laps, Moyer Jr. stretched the advantage to 5.696 seconds to score his fifth career MLRA victory. "My guys do such a good job, it's nice to finally win. I haven't won in a long, long time and it's real tiring to go up and down the road and them guys bust their butts too just like all of us, and to finally get Nutrien Ag Solutions, Mesilla Valley Transportation, HASS Horizontal, into victory lane is real nice to win here. This is a phenomenal facility and hopefully we put on a good show for the fans," commented Moyer Jr.

Jason Papich turned a disastrous night into his best run of the year coming from twentieth on the grid to second at the end. Papich who timed in 4th quick, had his time disallowed after crossing the scales light in time trials. Nipomo, California's Papich commented following the race, "Obviously the race track was racey and we have a good piece here qualifying 4th overall and then we were light on the scales. We just didn't have enough fuel in it for how much we burnt off last night, but that's racing and we made up for it I guess."

Jeremiah Hurst continued his strong season finishing in third after running in the top five for the duration of the event. Billy Moyer Sr. and Garrett Alberson crossed the line in fourth and fifth respectively to round out the top five.

Hurst's third place run now places him in the driver's seat to the MLRA title for the first time on the season. The Dubuque, IA driver now holds an 8 point advantage over Payton Looney and 30 over Chad Simpson as the trio takes the title bout into the series final three events next weekend.

The 2020 MLRA season will wrap up next weekend with four big nights of action. A practice session is on tap for Thursday night October, 15th at the Tri-City Speedway followed by two complete shows on Friday and Saturday night. A strong field is expected to contend with $5,000 on the line Friday, while Saturday nights action will send the winner home with $7,000.

All the marbles will be on the line next Sunday night October 18th when the MLRA Championship finale takes center stage at the high banked Randolph County Raceway in Moberly, MO.  

Lucas Oil Speedway Contingencies 10/10/20
Slick Mist "Fast Time Award" - Garrett Alberson (14.752 Sec.) "Pole Award" - Mason Oberkramer
Allgaier Motorsports Racing Shocks Award - Jason Papich
Casey's General Store's "Hard Charger of the Race" -Jason Papich
Dynamic Drivelines "Crew Chief of the Race" - Johnathan Raimey
Hooker Harness "11th Place Finisher" - Ryan Gustin
Midwest Sheet Metal "Points Leader Spoiler Challenge" - Jeremiah Hurst
Performance Bodies "Performer of the Race" - Billy Moyer Jr. "Hard Luck Award" - Jeremy Conaway
Sunoco "Rookie of the Race" - Jeremiah Hurst

A Feature MavTV 1. 21JR-Billy Moyer Jr[2]; 2. 91P-Jason Papich[20]; 3. 58-Jeremiah Hurst[3]; 4. 21-Billy Moyer Sr[5]; 5. 59-Garrett Alberson[10]; 6. 93-Mason Oberkramer[1]; 7. 86B-Kyle Beard[15]; 8. 43G-Jeremy Grady[7]; 9. 14J-Jake Neal[17]; 10. 56JR-Tony Jackson Jr[8]; 11. 19-Ryan Gustin[13]; 12. 15L-Payton Looney[11]; 13. 25-Chad Simpson[4]; 14. 1X-Aaron Marrant[9]; 15. 15-Justin Duty[14]; 16. 91TTony Toste[6]; 17. 21F-Johnny Fennewald[21]; 18. 5-Austin Vincent[16]; 19. (DNF) 62Z-Justin Zeitner[12]; 20. (DNF) 6N-NIck Whitehead[19]; 21. (DNF) 29B-Blonde Bomber Mitchell[22]; 22. (DNF) 99M-Cliff Morrow[24]; 23. (DNF) 13-Joey Smith[18]; 24. (DNF) 3X-Skip Frey[23]; 25. (DNF) F15-Jeremy Conaway[25]

Heat 1 Caseys 10 Laps 1. 93-Mason Oberkramer[2]; 2. 25-Chad Simpson[4]; 3. 43G-Jeremy Grady[5]; 4. 59-Garrett Alberson[1]; 5. 19-Ryan Gustin[3]; 6. 5- Austin Vincent[7]; 7. 6N-NIck Whitehead[6]; 8. 29B-Blonde Bomber Mitchell[8]; 9. (DNF) F15-Jeremy Conaway[9]

Heat 2 Midwest Sheet Metal 10 Laps 1. 21JR-Billy Moyer Jr[3]; 2. 21-Billy Moyer Sr[1]; 3. 56JR-Tony Jackson Jr[6]; 4. 15L-Payton Looney[4]; 5. 15-Justin Duty[5]; 6. 14JJake Neal[2]; 7. 91P-Jason Papich[9]; 8. 3X-Skip Frey[7]; 9. 99M-Cliff Morrow[8]

Heat 3 Dynamic Drivelines 10 Laps 1. 58-Jeremiah Hurst[1]; 2. 91T-Tony Toste[5]; 3. 1X-Aaron Marrant[2]; 4. 62Z-Justin Zeitner[3]; 5. 86B-Kyle Beard[4]; 6. 13-Joey Smith[7]; 7. 21F-Johnny Fennewald[6]; 8. (DNS) 49T-Jake Timm


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