Howard Moore charged to third USCS win of 2021 at Riverside on Saturday

West Memphis, AR - Saturday, July 3, 2021 - Howard Moore charged from his fifth place starting spot to win Saturday night's USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour presented by K&N Filters winged sprint car main event during the Fireworks 150 at Riverside International Speedway.

Moore had to hold off 24th starting Dale Howard in the end for the parking spot in the USCS Victory Lane. Howard claimed the runner-up spot and the Wilwoid Disc Brakes Hard Charger Award. Defending and 13-time USCS Champion,  Terry Gray followed in third place.

Early-race leader, Brad Bowden, who led the first 22 laps, was fourth and Cody Gardner rounded out the top five.

The previous night's winner, Derek Hagar was sixth, followed by Ernie Ainsworth in seventh place. Two-time USCS National Champion, Morgan Turpen was eighth after starting 20th,

Chase Howard followed in ninth place and 13-year-old Brent Crews completed the top ten of the twenty-five starters of the 30-lap main event.

USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour presented by K&N Filters results for 7/3/2021 at Riverside International Speedway - West Memphis, AR

USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour winged sprint cars 25 Entries

www.RockAuto.comFeature 30-Laps

1. 3-Howard Moore[5]; 2. 47-Dale Howard[24]; 3. 10-Terry Gray[4]; 4. 4S-Brad Bowden[1]; 5. G6-Cody Gardner[15]; 6. 9JR-Derek Hagar[11]; 7. 91A-Ernie Ainsworth[7]; 8. 10M-Morgan Turpen[20]; 9. 13-Chase Howard[16]; 10. 1X-Brent Crews[6]; 11. 44-Ronny Howard[9]; 12. 4-Danny Smith[18]; 13. 99-Blake Jenkins[10]; 14. 27-Austin Wood[19]; 15. 95-Asa Swindell[21]; 16. 17L-Jeff Leach[23]; 17. 7E-Eric Gunderson[13]; 18. (DNF) 74-Tucker Boulton[2]; 19. (DNF) 67-Hayden Martin[17]; 20. (DNF) 7J-Gregg Jones[12]; 21. (DNF) 14-Jordon Mallett[3]; 22. (DNF) 19-Jason Long[22]; 23. (DNF) 94-Jeff Swindell[8]; 24. (DNF) 28-Jeff Willingham[14]; 25. (DNF) 91-Zach Pringle[25]

Hoosier Dash 6-Laps

1. 1X-Brent Crews[4]; 2. 9JR-Derek Hagar[1]; 3. 3-Howard Moore[3]; 4. 47-Dale Howard[2]; 5. 4-Danny Smith[5]

Engler Heat 1 8-Laps

1. 74-Tucker Boulton[3]; 2. 91A-Ernie Ainsworth[2]; 3. 3-Howard Moore[6]; 4. 1X-Brent Crews[8]; 5. 28-Jeff Willingham[4]; 6. 13-Chase Howard[7]; 7. 95-Asa Swindell[1]; 8. 10M-Morgan Turpen[9]; 9. 47-Dale Howard[5]

B.M.R.S. Heat 2 8-Laps

1. 4S-Brad Bowden[2]; 2. 10-Terry Gray[8]; 3. 44-Ronny Howard[4]; 4. 7E-Eric Gunderson[3]; 5. 7J-Gregg Jones[7]; 6. 67-Hayden Martin[5]; 7. 19-Jason Long[1]; 8. 17L-Jeff Leach[6]

JJ Supply Heat 3 8-Laps

1. 14-Jordon Mallett[6]; 2. 94-Jeff Swindell[1]; 3. 9JR-Derek Hagar[3]; 4. 99-Blake Jenkins[7]; 5. G6-Cody Gardner[5]; 6. 4-Danny Smith[2]; 7. (DNF) 27-Austin Wood[8]; 8. (DNS) 91-Zach Pringle