Zack Dohm Hits Paydirt for $15,000 Victory in Fall Classic at Ponderosa Speedway
-Jimmy Payne Picks Up Brucebilt Performance Modified Series Main Event Win

By Michael Despain

JUNCTION CITY, KY – October 13, 2017 – The Schaeffer’s Oil Southern Nationals Bonus Series would be in competition at Ponderosa Speedway in Junction City, KY for the final night of the track’s 27th Annual Fall Classic and Zack Dohm of Cross Lanes, WV would score the biggest win of his career with the $15,000 payday in the main event.

The Super Late Model win by Dohm would come aboard his Dohm’s Cycles/Hoosier by Frye/Octane Race Products sponsored #17 Swartz Race Car with a Vic Hill Race Engine under the hood making the horsepower. Payne’s Modified win would take place in the seat of the Barren River Pest Control/Maximum Energy Development/Spoon Oil Well Service/Young’s Barber Shop/All Star Performance/Maxima Oil/Summit Racing Equipment sponsored #68 Bandit Race Car powered by an Oakley Motorsports Race Engine.

The start of the Schaeffer’s Oil Southern Nationals Bonus Series main event would see the first pair of attempted starts come back, first for a five-car tangle in turn one involving Michael Chilton, Vic Hill, Connor Meade, Jeff Neubert, and Justin Rattliff, while the second one would come back when fifth place Donald McIntosh would spin in turn two after contacting one of the yuke tires that borders the infield of the track. Once action got underway, Mike Marlar would take the race lead, with Cody Mahoney, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Zack Dohm, and Tripp Gerrald giving chase. Dohm would take third from Carrier, Jr. on lap three, while Marlar would set a rapid pace out front. Marlar would start the process of working slower traffic on lap nine and would work traffic beautifully while Mahoney would give chase and Dohm would start to close in on Mahoney.

By lap twenty-eight, Marlar’s torrid pace had saw him lap up to the fourteenth-place car of Devin Gilpin, while Gerrald pressured Carrier, Jr. for fourth and would take the spot on lap thirty, with Chilton working past Carrier, Jr. for fifth one circuit later. Gilpin would slow on the backchute on lap thirty-two to draw the caution flag. The restart would see Marlar maintain the lead, while Mahoney would take second from Dohm, while Carrier, Jr. would make a three-wide move to go from seventh to fifth on the same lap. Dohm would retake second from Mahoney on lap thirty-five, while Victor Lee would squeeze past Gerrald for fifth on lap thirty-six. Dohm would catch Marlar and start to pressure him for the top position on lap forty-one, while fourteenth starting Brandon Overton would make his way into the top five on lap forty-two. Marlar would catch slower traffic on lap forty-four and he and Justin Rattliff would make contact on the backchute, with Rattliff spinning and drawing the caution flag on lap forty-five.

Marlar would be able to continue with right-side damage and restart would see Carrier, Jr. go from fifth to third, while Dohm would pressure Marlar for the lead and Dohm would take the lead on lap fifty-three, but Marlar would reclaim the spot one circuit later, only to have Dohm grab the lead back on lap fifty-five. Dohm would settle into the lead and begin to work in heavy traffic on lap sixty-seven, allowing Marlar to close a bit for the lead, while Chilton would take fifth from Lee on lap seventy-one. Dohm would drive away to the win, with Marlar second and Carrier, Jr. third. Overton and Chilton would complete the top five. The remainder of the top ten would be Lee, Dale McDowell, Gilpin, Steve Francis, and Gerrald.

The Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series main event would see Jimmy Payne and Shon Flanary have an entertaining battle for the lead throughout the majority of the race, with Payne able to hold off Flanary for the victory, while J.T. Ayers would finish third. Tommy Bailey and Jimmy Lennex completed the top five. Rounding out the top ten finishers would be Dennis Roberson, Mike Pratt, Cy Cundiff, Jamey Neat, and Josh Thomas.

The next event for the Schaeffer’s Oil Southern Nationals Bonus Series will be October 21 at Blue Ridge Motorsports Park in Blue Ridge, GA, paying $4,000 to win. The next event for the Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series will be November 25 at 411 Motor Speedway in Seymour, TN, paying $1,000 to win.

Further information on the Spring Nationals, Southern Nationals, and Southern Nationals Bonus Series can be obtained by calling Promoter Ray Cook at (828) 360-5353 or Series P.R. Coordinator Chris Tilley at (606) 219-1723 or by visiting the official website located at

Official Summary of Results

Feature Results for Schaeffer’s Southern Nationals Bonus Series at Ponderosa Speedway in Junction City, KY on October 13-14, 2017
1. Zack Dohm-Cross Lanes, W.V.
2. Mike Marlar-Winfield, Tenn.
3. Eddie Carrier, Jr.-Salt Rock, W.V.
4. Brandon Overton-Evans, Ga.
5. Michael Chilton-Salvisa, Ky.
6. Victor Lee-Danville, Ky.
7. Dale McDowell-Chickamauga, Ga.
8. Devin Gilpin-Columbus, Ind.
9. Steve Francis-Bowling Green, Ky.
10. Tripp Gerrald-Lexington, Ky.
11. Tim Dohm-Cross Lanes, W.V.
12. Jared Hawkins-Fairmont, W.V.
13. Todd Coffman-Junction City, Ky.
14. Connor Meade-Clay City, Ky.
15. Adam Bowman-Seymour, Ind.
16. David Payne-Murphy, NC
17. Jeff Neubert-Rockford, Tenn.
18. Joey Standridge-Telico Plains, Tenn.
19. Cody Mahoney-Hanover, Ind.
20. Vic Hill-Mosheim, Tenn.
21. Justin Rattliff-Campbellsville, Ky.
22. Greg Johnson-Bedford, Ind.
23. Donald McIntosh-Dawsonville, Ga.

Time of Race: 40 minutes, 53 seconds
Margin of Victory: 0.668 seconds
Yellow Flags: 5 (lap 1, 1 restart, 32, 34, 45)
Red Flags: None
Lap Leaders: Mike Marlar (1-52, 54), Zack Dohm (53, 55-75)
Entries: 34
Overall Top Qualifier: Eddie Carrier, Jr. (Group B) 12.752 seconds
Keyser Manufacturing 11th Place Award: Tim Dohm
Highest Finishing CT525 Engine ($200): Todd Coffman
Highest Finishing Steel/SPEC Engine ($200): None
Provisional Starters: Joey Standridge (series), Jeff Neubert (series), Connor Meade (track)

Heat One Finish (10 laps/top 4 transfer)- Mike Marlar, Donald McIntosh, Todd Coffman, Dale McDowell, Devin Gilpin, Greg Johnson, Steve Smith, Kenny Cobble, Daniel Dial

Heat Two Finish (10 laps/top 4 transfer)- Cody Mahoney, Jared Hawkins, Michael Chilton, Steve Francis, Connor Meade, Brian Smith, Jeff Neubert, Kayne Hickman

Heat Three Finish (10 laps/top 4 transfer)- Eddie Carrier, Jr., Tripp Gerrald, Tim Dohm, Brandon Overton, Vic Hill, Joey Standridge, Ernie Cordier, Skylar Marlar, Jason Jameson

Heat Four Finish (10 laps/top 4 transfer)- Zack Dohm, Victor Lee, David Payne, Adam Bowman, Justin Rattliff, Brandon Kinzer, Ray Cook, Tommy Bailey

B-Main One Finish (10 laps/top 2 transfer)- Devin Gilpin, Greg Johnson, Connor Meade, Steve Smith, Jeff Neubert, Kenny Cobble, Daniel Dial (DNS- Brian Smith, Kayne Hickman)

B-Main Two Finish (10 laps/top 2 transfer)- Justin Rattliff, Vic Hill, Brandon Kinzer, Ray Cook, Joey Standridge, Ernie Cordier, Jason Jameson (DNS- Skylar Marlar, Tommy Bailey)

Time Trials (Driver/Hometown/Fastest Lap)
Group A
Mike Marlar (Winfield, TN)- 12.932
Cody Mahoney (Hanover, IN)- 12.975
Donald McIntosh (Dawsonville, GA)- 12.983
Connor Meade (Clay City, KY)- 13.083
Todd Coffman (Junction City, KY)- 13.139
Jared Hawkins (Fairmont, WV)- 13.155
Dale McDowell (Chickamauga, GA)- 13.242
Brian Smith (Barbourville, KY)- 13.368
Devin Gilpin (Columbus, IN)- 13.457
Steve Francis (Bowling Green, KY)- 13.532
Greg Johnson (Bedford, IN)- 13.754
Michael Chilton (Salvisa, KY)- 13.898
Steve Smith (Powell, TN)- 13.919
Kayne Hickman (Soddy Daisy, TN)- 13.965
Kenny Cobble (Cookeville, TN)- 14.034
Jeff Neubert (Rockford, TN)- 14.277
Daniel Dial (Lawrenceburg, KY)- 14.681

Group B
Eddie Carrier, Jr. (Salt Rock, WV)- 12.752
Zack Dohm (Cross Lanes, WV)- 12.851
Tripp Gerrald (Lexington, KY)- 12.897
Victor Lee (Danville, KY)- 12.908
Tim Dohm (Cross Lanes, WV)- 13.037
Tommy Bailey (Corbin, KY)- 13.119
Jason Jameson (Lawrenceburg, IN)- 13.174
Ray Cook (Brasstown, NC)- 13.250
Skylar Marlar (Winfield, TN)- 13.277
David Payne (Murphy, NC)- 13.319
Brandon Overton (Evans, GA)- 13.451
Brandon Kinzer (Lexington, KY)- 13.466
Vic Hill (Mosheim, TN)- 13.504
Adam Bowman (Seymour, IN)- 13.643
Joey Standridge (Telico Plains, TN)- 14.341
Justin Rattliff (Campbellsville, KY)- 14.423
Ernie Cordier (Brodhead, KY)- 14.922


Official Summary of Results

Feature Results for Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series at Ponderosa Speedway in Junction City, KY on October 13-14, 2017
1. Jimmy Payne-Glasgow, Ky.
2. Shon Flanary-Surgoinsville, Tenn.
3. J.T. Ayers-New Haven, Ky.
4. Tommy Bailey-Corbin, Ky.
5. Jimmy Lennex-Maysville, Ky.
6. Dennis Roberson-Paris, Ky.
7. Mike Pratt-Happy, Ky.
8. Cy Cundiff-Georgetown, Ky.
9. Jamey Neat-Columbia, Ky.
10. Josh Thomas-Maysville, Ky.
11. Chris Kirk-Clay City, Ky.
12. Wayne Helton-Campton, Ky.
13. Shawn Hibbard-London, Ky.
Did Not Start: Tim Patrick-Albany, Ky.

Time of Race: 8 minutes, 41 seconds
Margin of Victory: 0.432 seconds
Yellow Flags: 1 (lap 15)
Red Flags: None
Lap Leaders: Jimmy Payne (1-25)
Entries: 14
Overall Top Qualifier: Tommy Bailey 14.942
Provisional Starters: None


Heat One Finish (8 laps/all transfer)- Shon Flanary, J.T. Ayers, Josh Thomas, Tommy Bailey, Cy Cundiff, Chris Kirk, Wayne Helton

Heat Two Finish (8 laps/all transfer)- Jimmy Payne, Jimmy Lennex, Mike Pratt, Dennis Roberson, Jamey Neat, Tim Patrick