Rickey Weiss Makes A Cleans Sweep Of Southern All Star Smoky Mt Action

RACE RECAP: MARYVILLE, TN—The Southern All Star Dirt Racing Series presented by MaxFab made its second top of the season at the Smoky Mt Speedway in Maryville, TN., and Canadian driver Rickey Weiss won his second Southern All Star race in the King of the Mountain Fall Classic giving him the sweep of the Southern All Star events at the track in 2019.

Weiss started on the pole and did lead every lap, but he had a few challenges such as restarts as David Crabtree and Shannon Buckingham would stay close for a few laps and then he would be challenged by working his way through the lapped traffic, but he used patience and took his time as he had the dominate car and knew that he could build his lead back up when got clear of the slower cars. Weiss took home $7,500 for the win.

Finishing in the second spot was least year’s race winner Shannon Buckingham who started eighth as he and third place finisher Crabtree put on show for the fans as they battled each other hard for the latter half of the race.  Southern All Star point’s leader David Breazeale came home in the fourth spot and ow has 64 point lead going into the final race of the season at Talladega.  Fifth place went to Eric Wells who was making his first start of the year with the series as he moved up from his seventh starting position.
Dalton Cook was the big mover of the night as he moved up 10 spots to come in sixth, John Blankenship finished in the seventh spot,  Tommy Kerr eighth, Vic Hill ninth and Zach Leonhardi tenth.

RACE TIDBITS: David Breazeale of Four Corners, MS., looks like he will take his first Southern All Star Championship and become the 24th different champion in the 36 year history of the series.

Zach Leonhardi of Cartersville, GA., has clinched the Cruise with the Champions/ Rookie of the Year for the 2019 season.

Racing action at Smoky Mt Speedway was some of the best of the season for the series as there was racing on the top, the bottom and the middle.  Many drivers moved up and down during the 50 lap event as the track was very good and so was the racing.

First time starts with the series this year Eric Wells, John Blankenship, Chris Combs, Kenny Collins, Stacy Boles, Joey Standridge, Derek Ellis, Jeff Wolfenbarger, and Skylar Marlar

Next race will be October 12th at the Talladega Short Track a 40 lap $4,000 to win event to coincide with the NASCAR Weekend

Car Count: 26

Group B: David Crabtree 16.690

Knowles Race Parts Fast Qualifier: David Crabtree 12.232

Hoosier Racing Tires Heats:

PPM Race Products B Mains: Vic Hill-Kenny Collins

AR Bodies Last Car Lead Lap:

COR Suspensions 10th Place Finisher: Zach Leonhardi

36 Racing & Fabrication Hard Charger: Casey Turman

BrakeOMeter 4th Place Finisher Award: David Breazeale

Rugged Radios Communications Award: Rickey Weiss

Results Pending Tire Test: 1.Ricky Weiss; 2.Shannon Buckingham; 3.David Crabtree; 4.David Breazeale; 5.eric Wells; 6.Dalton Cook; 7.John Blankenship; 8.Tommy Kerr; 9.Vic Hill; 10.Zach Leonhardi; 11.Brandon Kinzer; 12.Chris Combs; 13.Kenny Collins; 14.Dakotah Knuckles; 15.Robby Moses; 16.Mark Dodson; 17.Stacy Boles; 18.Joey Standridge; 19.Matt Henderson; 20.Bobby Giffin; 21.Derek Ellis; 22.Jeff Wolfenbarger; 23.joseph Faulkner; 24.Slylar Marlar.

DNS: Casey Turman, Dalton Polston  

For more information concerning the Southern All Stars contact Lynn Acklin - General Manager: 256-924-4546

2019 SOUTHERN ALL STAR POINTS STANDINGS PRESENTED BY MAXFAB: 1.David Breazeale 1288; 2.Zach Leonhardi 1224; 3.Billy Franklin 978; 4.Mark Dodson 944; 5.Riley Hickman 932; 6.Ashton Winger 630; 7.Austin Arnold 398; 8.Michael Page 474; 9.Andrew Littleton 410; 10.Joseph Joiner 372  

2019 CRUISE WITH THE CHAMPIONS/DIRTONDIRT.COM ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: 1.Zach Leonhardi 371; 2.Billy Franklin 296; 3.Andrew Littleton 174; 4.Austin Arnold 139; 5.J R Moseley 131

2019 AR Bodies Challenge: 1.Mark Dodson 108; 2..Brad Skinner 71; 3.David Brannon 58; 4.Steven Stehle 46; 5.Farrel Skelton 36; 6.Greg Love 31; 7.Derek Fisher 22; 8.Shawn Martin 21; 9.John Minon 21; 10.Danny Barrett 20;

Oct 12th Talladega Short Track-Eastaboga, AL-$4,000