Southern Racers Auction & Trade Show Returns To The Pensacola Fairgrounds Feb 10-11 2017

PENSACOLA, FL—The Southern Racers Auction & Trade that Southern All Star promoter B J Parker started in Birmingham, AL., that ran for over 30 years is going to try and get a new life in 2017 as the owner of the Southern All Star Dirt Racing Series Matt Wagner and owner of Bryant Racing Equipment will be hosting the 2017 version of the event on Saturday & Sunday February 10-11 2017 at the Pensacola Fairgrounds in Pensacola, FL.

There has been several times that the auction & trade has been held since the passing of Parker, but weather, building and auctioneers, helped into the downfall of the concept that Parker set out to do and that is to give the vendors a places to come sell their products to their customers in particular area as well as bring in your old used and new races parts to sell and maybe even found something that you don’t have.

During the summer Wagner got to thinking about doing the auction again and when he and Bryant talked the process began and now the two have agreed to co-partner on the auction and try to bring it back to what is was in years past.  “We know that Birmingham was the ideal location centrally for everybody, but they now use that arena for other things and it is hard to get the dates that you need during the winter sports time of the season taking up so many dates” said Wagner.  “We got thinking about where to move it and then one of our employees Ray Tennyson mentioned Tim.  Ray Ray called Tim and this is where we are at.”

“We also know how big this auction & trade show was in Birmingham” said Tim Bryant.  “First of all I was honored that Matt and his staff asked me if I would be interested in keeping this tradition alive and I think it needs to happen, a lot of people went to that auction & trade show to buy, sell or just to talk about racing and that is what we missing, they have not done the auction in the few years and now is the time to bring it back.”

This event is designed for the racers and the companies that they do business with.  We encourage are in all types of racing whether it be go karts, drag racing, oval track racing, club racing, dirt or asphalt racing, this show will be developed into what is out in the market, also we encourage sanctioning bodies, both dirt and asphalt as well as companies in the racing related fields to participate and help make this an annual event.

As for day to day operation those will be handled by both the staffs at the Southern All Stars as well as Bryant Racing Equipment/Five Flags Speedway.  The trade vendor and booth space will be set up and handled by long time tradeshow organizer Don Fleetwood of Indiana, and the auction will be conducted by Keith Norville & longtime and legendary North Carolina racer Bosco Lowe.

More details will be released in the upcoming days concerning this big auction & trade show as well as other media outlets as we start finalizing details.