QUICK RESULTS: USCS Sprint 2017 Season Opener at Hattiesburg Speedway; March 3, 2017:

Hoosier Tire Speed Dash: 10 Terry Gray, 10m Morgan Turpen, 28 Jeff Willingham, 9jr.Derek Hagar, 26 Marshall Skinner and Danny Sams III.

Engler Machine and Tool First Heat: 14 Tony Stewart, 14 Jordon Mallett, 01 Shane Morgan, 40 Howard Moore, 88 Brandon Blendon, 38 Tony Agin, 01T Brandon Olson, 27 Curt Terrell and 52 Cody Karl – DNS.

Brown and Miller Racing Solutions Second Heat: 17w Harli White, 9jr. Derek Hagar, 29a Kyle Amerson, 13 Todd Fayard, 42 Andy McElhannon, 21 Butch David, 07 Brandon Taylor and 29s Rusty Sandford.

 Butlerbuilt Third Heat: 24d Danny Sams III, 4 Danny Smith, 26 Marshall Skinner, 10m Morgan Turpen, 10 Terry Gray, 93 Jake Knight, 1s Joey Schmidt and 28 Jeff Willingham.

 USCS Sprint Car Series presented by K&N Filters Speedweek Round One A-main: 30-laps

1.     10M Morgan Turpen, Cordova, TN

2.     24D Danny Sams III, Englewood, FL

3.     14 Tony Stewart, Rushville, IN

4.     26 Marshall Skinner, Marion, AR

5.     14m Jordon Mallett, Greenbrier, AR

6.     13 Todd Fayard, Saucier, MS

  1. 10 Terry Gray, Bartlett, TN

8.     42 Andy McElhannon, Nesbit, MS

9.     29a Kyle Amerson, Montgomery, AL

10.  40 Howard Moore, Memphis, TN

11.  21 Butch David, Geismar, LA

12.  07 Brandon Taylor, Cumming, GA

13.  01T Brandon Olson, Biloxi, MS

14.  28 Jeff Willingham, Ripley, MS

15.  93 Jake Knight, Georgetown, MS

16.  88 Brandon Blendon, Gulfport, MS

17.  4 Danny Smith, Chillicothe, OH

18.  17w Harli White, Lindsay, OK

19.   9jr.Derek Hagar, Marion, AR

20.  01 – Shane Morgan, Biloxi, MS

21.  52 Cody Karl, Gulfport, MS

22.  1s Joey Schmidt, Ellisville, MS

23.   38 Tony Agin, Ft. Myers, FL

24.   27 Cur Terrell, Bartlett, TN

25.   29s Rusty Sanford, Seminary, MS

USCS Sprint Car Series Race Awards:
Hoosier Tire Speed Dash: 10 Terry Gray

Engler Machine and Tool First Heat: 14 Tony Stewart
Brown and Miller Racing Solutions Second Heat: 17w Harli Whitel

Pro Shocks Third ird Heat: 24d Danny Sams III

K&N Filters Pole Award: 10M Morgan Turpen
JE Pistons Top Guns Award: 10M Morgan Turpen (1st place)

PRO Shocks Champion Choice Award 24d Danny Sams III (2nd place)
K&N Filters Podium (3rd place) Award: 14 Tony Stewart
Wilwood Disc Brakes Hard Charger Award: 28 Jeff Willingham
Saldana Racing Products Super Sixth Award: 13 Todd Fayard
Pyrotect Racing Cells Lucky Seven Award: 10 Terry Gray 

DHR Suspension Eighth Place Award: 42 Andy McElhannon
DMI/Bulldog Rear Ends Top Ten Award: 40 Howard Moore.

The United Sprint Car Series presented by K&N Filters would like to gratefully thank its sponsoring partners for their involvement in the 2017 and 21st USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour: K&N Filters, www.rockauto.com,Engler Machine and Tool, Butlerbuilt, Wilwood Disc Brakes, Saldana Racing Products, Pyrotect Racing Cells, DMI/Bulldog Rear Ends. PRO Shocks, KSE Racing Products, DHR Supensions, Schoenfeld Headers, DSR Fuel Systems, Brown and Miller Racing Solutions, Arizona Sport Shirts and Hero Graphics.