Hagar charges to Rumble at the River win at Riverside

West Memphis, AR - August 22, 2020 - 2013 USCS National Champion Derek Hagar won the 30 - lap USCS Rumble at the River at Riverside International  Speedway on Saturday night after  a last lap pass of race-leader Howard Moore. Cody Gardner crosed in the runner-up spot, Brad Bowden got the final podium spot, Rookie Hayden Martin charged from twelfth to forth at the checkers, and past series Champion Marshall Skinner completed the top five after an eleventh place start.

Carson Short rallied back from an early race spin finished sixth followed by 12-time Champion, Terry Gray in seventh, twice series Titleist Morgan Turpen in eighth, Blake Jenkins in ninth and Ronny Howard rounded out the top ten.

Moore was credited with a sixteenth place finished after limping toward the finish line with a damaged race car after contacting the turn two wall during trading a series of wild slide jobs with Hagar over the final three laps as the exciting duo put on one of the most thrilling shows in recent memory at the historic track.

USCS Mid-South Thunder regional series points leader, Dale Howard kicked off the action by winning the Hoosier Speed Dash. Then Rick Kahler, Cody Gardner, Carson Short and Howard Moore won heat races.

Rookie Landon Crawley won the first B-Main and Brandon Lovelace won the second one to complete the preliminary events.

The USCS returns to Riverside on October  9th and 10th for the famed USCS Flip Flop 50 event.

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USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour Results for 8/22/2020 at Riverside International Speedway - West Memphis, AR

USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour Winged Sprint Cars 31 Entries

USCS Feature - 30 Laps

1. 9JR-Derek Hagar[4]; 2. G6-Cody Gardner[1]; 3. 2-Brad Bowden[3]; 4. 67-Hayden Martin[12]; 5. 26-Marshall Skinner[11]; 6. 4-Carson Short[7]; 7. 10-Terry Gray[5]; 8. 10M-Morgan Turpen[13]; 9. 99-Blake Jenkins[8]; 10. 44-Ronny Howard[17]; 11. 3G-Paxton Gregory[18]; 12. 13-Chase Howard[19]; 13. 72K-Rick Kahler[6]; 14. 20-Jim Shuster[22]; 15. 49-Mallie Shuster[20]; 16. (DNF) 3-Howard Moore[2]; 17. (DNF) 7E-Eric Gunderson[23]; 18. (DNF) 47-Dale Howard[9]; 19. (DNF) 187-Landon Crawley[15]; 20. (DNF) 22-Connor Leoffler[10]; 21. (DNF) 27J-Joseph Poe Jr[21]; 22. (DNF) 61-Cody Howard[14]; 23. (DNF) 28-Jeff Willingham[24]; 24. (DNF) 65-Brandon Lovelace[16]

B Main 1 - 10 Laps

1. 187-Landon Crawley[1]; 2. 44-Ronny Howard[2]; 3. 13-Chase Howard[3]; 4. 27J-Joseph Poe Jr[6]; 5. 21-Spencer Meredith[4]; 6. 17L-Jeff Leach[8]; 7. (DNF) 10K-Dewayne White[5]; 8. (DNS) 17B-Shelby Brown; 9. (DNS) 29-Chad Jones

B Main 2 - 10 Laps

1. 65-Brandon Lovelace[1]; 2. 3G-Paxton Gregory[4]; 3. 49-Mallie Shuster[2]; 4. 20-Jim Shuster[3]; 5. 7E-Eric Gunderson[5]; 6. 95-Asa Swindell[6]; 7. (DNF) 28-Jeff Willingham[7]; 8. (DNS) 16-Wesley Shepard

Hoosier Speed Dash 6-Laps

1. 47-Dale Howard[1]; 2. 10M-Morgan Turpen[3]; 3. 22-Connor Leoffler[2]; 4. 10-Terry Gray[4]; 5. 20-Jim Shuster[5]; 6. 49-Mallie Shuster[6]

Engler Machine & Tool Heat 1 - 8 Laps

1. 72K-Rick Kahler[1]; 2. 26-Marshall Skinner[3]; 3. 47-Dale Howard[6]; 4. 44-Ronny Howard[5]; 5. 187-Landon Crawley[7]; 6. 7E-Eric Gunderson[4]; 7. 95-Asa Swindell[8]; 8. (DNS) 16-Wesley Shepard

BMRS Heat 2 - 8 Laps

1. G6-Cody Gardner[3]; 2. 2-Brad Bowden[4]; 3. 22-Connor Leoffler[5]; 4. 67-Hayden Martin[6]; 5. 65-Brandon Lovelace[7]; 6. 13-Chase Howard[8]; 7. 28-Jeff Willingham[1]; 8. 17L-Jeff Leach[2]

Butlerbuilt Heat 3 - 8 Laps

1. 4-Carson Short[1]; 2. 99-Blake Jenkins[3]; 3. 10-Terry Gray[8]; 4. 49-Mallie Shuster[2]; 5. 20-Jim Shuster[4]; 6. 21-Spencer Meredith[6]; 7. (DNF) 17B-Shelby Brown[5]; 8. (DNS) 29-Chad Jones

HERO Graphics Heat 4 - 8 Laps

1. 3-Howard Moore[3]; 2. 9JR-Derek Hagar[4]; 3. 61-Cody Howard[1]; 4. 10M-Morgan Turpen[6]; 5. 3G-Paxton Gregory[2]; 6. 10K-Dewayne White[5]; 7. 27J-Joseph Poe Jr[7].