United Sprint Car Series News Release:  Contact:  PETE WALTON – 770-865-6097

January 25, 2024


              DeLEON SPRINGS, FL  – Sam Hafertepe Jr. of Sunnyvale, TX hustled from the seventh starting position to win Night 1 of the 2nd Annual Germfree Southern Sprint Car Shootout for the United Sprint Car Series prese ted by K&N Filters on Thursday night at Volusia Speedway Park.  Hafertepe took the lead from Austin McCarl of Altoona, Iowa, with five laps to go for the $2,500 victory.


               McCarl, the 2023 Knoxville (IA) Raceway 410 Sprint Car Champion, finished second in the 2024 USCS season opener, and third went to Ryan Timms of Oklahoma City, OK.  Justin Peck of Monrovia, IN took the fourth spot, and Danny Sams III of Northport, FL was fifth.  Cameron Martin of Ankeney, IA, drove to a sixth-place finish, and Mark Smith of Sunbury, PA finished seventh.


               Wayne Johnson of Oklahoma City, OK started 18th and finished eighth to earn the $100 Hard Charger Award posted by the track and also received the Wilwood Disc Brakes Hard Charger Award. The ninth position finisher was  Davie Franek of Wantage, NJ.  Eric Riggins Jr. of Charlottle, NC rounded out the top ten.


               In preliminary action, Tims picked up a $100 bonus as the overall Fast Qualifier among the 42 entrants from 18 different states, Canada, and Great Brittan with a lap around the ½-mile clay oval in 14.298 seconds.  The eight-lap Heat Races were won by Peck, McCarl, Timms, and Christopher Thram of Sanborn, MN.  The two 12-lap Last Chance Shootout Races were won by Josh Weller of Mertztown, PA and Johnson.


               The start of the 25-lap Main Event saw McCarl take the lead from the pole position followed by Peck, Sterling Cling of Tempe, AZ, Martin, and Timms.  There were wholesale position changes in the opening laps of the race as Timms passed Martin for fourth on lap two, Hafertepe moved into the top five on lap three, and Timms got by Cling for third on lap four.


               Hafertepe continued his march to the front of the pack on lap five, getting by Cling for the fourth spot.  Danny Martin Jr. of Sarasota, FL moved into the top five on lap eight as Cling began to fall off the pace.  Hafertepe moved into the top three on lap ten with a pass on Timms.


               The race’s only caution flag came out on lap 11.  The top five for the restart was McCarl, who gave up a 1.3 second lead, Peck, Hafertepe, Timms, and Danny Martin Jr.  On the restart, Hafertepe and Timms got by Peck for second and third respectively.  By lap 15, Hafertepe moved up to challenge McCarl for the lead.


               The leader McCarl had company on lap 18, and Hafertepe made the pass for the lead on lap 20. When the checkered flag came out over Hafertepe, he had a 1.472 margin of victory over McCarl.  The time of the race was ten minutes and 56.490 seconds.


               The United Sprint Car Series will return to Volusia Speedway Park for another $2,500-to-win main event on Friday night.  The Saturday night race of the 2nd Annual Germfree Southern Sprint Car Shootout will pay $10,000-to-win and $600-to-start for the richest race in the 28-year history of the United Sprint Car Series.  The total payout for the three-day event is over $75,000.


               For more information visit the USCS website at uscsracing.com and the series Facebook page, or call the series office at 770-865-6097.  For more information about Volusia Speedway Park and for tickets to the 2nd Annual Germfree Southern Sprint Car Nationals visit their website at volusiaspeedwaypark.com.



               United Sprint Car Series Marketing Partners are K&N Filters, Engler Machine & Tool, Hoosier Racing Tire, Huggins Cams, Hero Graphics, DMI/Bulldog, JJ Supply of NC, Racing Electronics, JE Pistons, DHR Suspension, Wilwood Disc Brakes, KSE Racing Products, PRO Shocks, Schoenfeld Headers, and Arizona Sport Shirts.




FEATURE RACE – 25 Laps:  1. (7) Sam Hafertepe Jr., Sunnyvale, TX; 2. 1 Austin McCarl, Altoona, IA; 3. (8) Ryan Timms, Oklahoma City, OK; 4. (2) Justin Peck, Monrovia, IN; 5. (6) Danny Sams III, Northport, FL; 6. (3) Cameron Martin, Ankeney, IA; 7. (9) Mark Smith, Sunbury, PA; 8. (18) Wayne Johnson, Oklahoma City, OK; 9. (16) Davie Franek, Wantage, NJ; 10. (12) Eric Riggins Jr., Charlotte, NC; 11. (5) Christopher Thram, Sanborn, MN; 12. (14) Chris Martin, Ankeney, IA; 13. (13) Ryan Roberts, Aurora, NE; 14. (17) Josh Weller, Mertztown, PA; 15. (10) Danny Martin Jr., Sarasota, FL; 16. (20) Liam Martin, Binbrook, ON; 17. (11) Terry Gray, Bartlett, TN; 18. (15) Glenn Styres, Ohsweken, ON; 19. (23) Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Olive Branch, MS; 20. (19) Brenden Mullen, Grand Forks, ND; 21. (21) Garrett Green, Dade City, FL; 22. (24) Lance Moss, Cherryville, NC; 23. (4) Sterling Cling, Tempe, AZ; 24. (25) Jeff Willingham, Ripley, MS; 25. (22) Creed Kemenah, Alvada, OH DNS.




GROUP 1:  1. Sam Hafertepe Jr., Sunnyvale, TX, 15h, 14.774; 2. Justin Peck, Monrovia, IN, 20, 14.775; 3. Ryan Roberts, Aurora, NE, 23r, 14.898; 4. Ryan Turner, Dunnville, ON, 15, 14.915; 5. Landon Crawley, Benton, AR, 7s. 15.073; 6. Tyler Clem, St. Petersburg, FL, 14, 15.081; 7. Terry Gray, Bartlett, TN, 10, 15.195; 8. Garrett Green, Dade City, FL, 82, 15.298; 9. Elijah Cile, Phoenix, AZ, 13, 15.450; 10. Corbin Gurley, Hebron, IN, 12, 15.469; 11. Nick Snyder, Marco Island, FL, 115, 15,521.


GROUP 2:  1. Danny Sams III, Northport, FL, 24d, 14.659; 2. Austin McCarl, Altoona, IA, 88, 14.696; 3. Mark Smith, Sunbury, PA, 43m, 14.795; 4. Josh Weller, Mertztown, PA, 63, 14.985; 5. Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Olive Branch, MS, 17jr, 15.027; 6. Chris Marton, Ankeny, IA, 44, 15.063; 7. Tyeller Powless, Ohsweken, ON, 77t, 15.121; 8. Brendan Mullen, Grand Forks, ND, 11m, 15.351; 9. Dennis Misuraca, Sanford, FL, 3, 16.016; 10. Jeff Willingham, Ripley, MS, 28, 16.099; 11. Scott Baldwin, Jupiter, FL, 4x, 19.115.


GROUP 3:  1. Ryan Timms, Oklahoma City, OK, 5t, 14.298; 2. Astin Gossel, Fort Collins, CO, 16g, 14.801; 3. Sterling Cling, Tempe, AZ, 34, 14.802; 4. Lance Moss, Cherryville, NC, 23, 14.825; 5. Ryan Harrison, Rothwell, NTH, 97, 14.884; 6. Glenn Styres, Ohsweken, ON, 0, 14. 938; 7. Brandon Grubaugh, Ocala, FL, G6, 15.035; 8. Danny Martin Jr., Sarasota, FL, 24, 15.085; 9. Dale Blaney, Hartford, OH, 32b, 15.259; 10. Brandon Sampson, Mesa, AZ, 96s, NT.


GROUP 4:  1. Cameron Martin, Ankeney, IA, 4, 14.495; 2. Eric Riggins Jr., Charlotte, NC, 47, 14.506; 3. Christopher Thram, Sanborn, MN, 24t, 14.573; 4. Wayne Johnson, Oklahoma City, OK, 2c, 14.654; 5. Davie Franek, Wantage, NJ, 28f, 14.871; 6. Creed Kemenah, Alvada, OH, 15k, 15.184; 7. Mike Kiser, Cooperstown, NY, 99k, 15.205; 8. Liam Martin, Binbrook, ON, 9, 15.268; 9. Kyle Connery, Vero Beach, FL, 91, 15.321; 10. Lucas Smith, Brantford, OH, 49L, 15.420.


HEAT RACES – 8 Laps (Top 4 Transfer To Main Event):


HEAT 1:  1. Peck; 2. Hafertepe; 3. Gray; 4. Roberts; 5. Green; 6. Turner; 7. Gurley; 8. Snyder; 9. Gile; 10. Crawley; 11. Clem DNS.


HEAT 2:  1.  McCarl; 2. M. Smith; 3. Sams; 4. Ch. Martin; 5. Mullen; 6. Weller; 7. Stenhouse; 8. Powless; 9. Willingham; 10. Misuraca; 11. Baldwin.


HEAT 3:  1. Timms; 2. D. Martin; 3. Cling; 4. Styers; 5. Grubaugh; 6. Harrison; 7. Gossel; 8. Moss; 9. Blaney; 10. Sampson DNS.


HEAT 4:  1. Thram; 2. Ca. Martin; 3. Riggins; 4. Franek; 5. Johnson; 6. Kemenah; 7. L. Martin; 8. L. Smith; 9. Kiser; 10. Connery.


LAST CHANCE SHOWDOWN RACES – 12 Laps (Top 3 Transfer To Main Event): 


LCS 1: 1.  Weller; 2. Mullen; 3. Green; 4. Stenhouse; 5. Clem; 6. Turner; 7. Gurley; 8. Snyder; 9. Powless; 10. Misuraca; 11. Gile; 12. Willingham; 13. Crawley; 14. Baldwin DNS.


LCS 2:  1. Johnson; 2. L. Martin; 3. Kemenah; 4. Kiser; 5. L. Smith; 6. Gossel; 7. Connery; 8. Grubaugh; 9. Harrison DNS; 10. Moss DNS; 11. Blaney DNS; 12. Sampson DNS.